Avicii-Feeling nature which also interests me as a listener.

 Avicii-Feeling good  Verse 1 (0:09-1:02 The song begins with the vocalist only which makes the texture monophonic. This makes the song sound soft and fairly quiet which interests me as a listener as the sounds are not too harsh and instead, are subtle.

  There are also longer note durations/melisma on some of the words especially nearer the end of the phrase.   The repetitions of the word “new” beings the listeners attention to this word which is also associated with positivity.   At the end of the verse, on the long held note, all of  the other instruments come in and the song starts to have a “fuller sound”. I liked the gradual build up to this part. Verse 2 (1:14-1:48) Also, the lyrics in the first verse are positive and express a happy attitude due to the use of the phrases “River running free” and “Blossom on a tree”.

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These are things that are associated with happiness and are also references to nature which also interests me as a listener. The references to happiness and positivity makes me as the listener feel happy when listening to it.   There is also a chord accompaniment accompanying this phrase and they are on-beat. Together with this, there is a note played on the piano using the middle-higher registers which are played in repeated quavers.   Near to the end of this phrase, there is a pause where most of the instruments drop out for a short pause.

This is unexpected and therefore, interesting for the listener.   Falsetto is also evident on some words in this verse as he vocalist is a male and singing higher than average.   Bridge (2:07-2:39) This part is slightly higher than the rest of the song before this point.   There is a new instrument playing which is added during this part, playing a different melody, contrasting to what is sung by the vocalist.

This decrescendos as the verse comes to an end.   This part of the song is contrasting to the rest of the song with new lyrics and a new melody.   Verse 3 (2:40-3:36) This part is slightly higher than the rest of the song before this point and lots of falsetto is being used here.   It is evident that the accompanying instruments are playing louder here in order for the song to have a strong ending. The crescendos are noticeable for the listener due to the clear contrasts in volume.                               Down-Marian Hill Intro (0:00-0:11)   The song starts with chords and a simple melody line. It gets me as a listener interested as it brings in the main idea of the song at the very beginning, with a monophonic texture, allowing the song to have a build-up.

Verse 1 (0:11-0:55) The rhythm of the words sang by the vocalist accompany the chords well. The notes are of a higher range than the piano/keyboard, so they contrast. The same chords and melody played on the piano carries on throughout this verse. There are repetitions of the word “down” sang by the vocalist which emphasises the word for the listener.

  Hook (0:55-1:19) In the hook, the word down is repeated with a drum beat as an accompaniment. These drums sound as if they are played on a drum machine. It is interesting how this part comes into the music unexpectedly to create some contrast for the listener. Verse 2(1:24-2:09) This verse is very similar to verse one, with the vocalist and the keyboard accompaniment. However, it differs at the end of the phrase when the vocalist sings the repetitions of the words “down” at a higher pitch. This adds some interest because even though the same lyrics are repeated, this is not done with the note pitches.   There are also ascending, and descending phrases used in this verse which also captivates me as a listener.

Hook (2:09-2:32) The beats played by the drums/drum machine are very prominent. This is a very catchy part of the song due to the repetitions. Every time the hook starts, the beat gets the listener engaged and allows them to “feel the music”. There is also a different voice added at the end of the hook which sounds like a male voice.

This contrast at the end is something new for the listener. Break (2:34-2:43) In the break, there is a change in the repeated lyrics. “Are you” is repeated more than “down”. When the word “down” is sung at the end of the break, there is a descending phrase. Hook (2:43-3:16) The final hook ends the song. It ends with a descending phrase played on the keyboard instead of the vocalist as I would expect. “Down” only uses the drums, vocals and the piano which is rhythm, harmony and lyrics                          Bon Jovi-Always  Verse 1 (0:21-1:00) This part of the song starts with a slow tempo and with the voice and piano accompaniment.

The vocalist also expresses emotion by the use of aggressiveness in his voice. This is interesting to me because the aggressiveness in his voice links to the lyrics he is singing. The volume of the voice increases at the end of the verse. This also shows emotion.   Chorus (1:00-1:45) In the chorus, the words are more lengthened and there is melisma used. I prefer this contrast of note duration as it adds interest to the song.

Also, there is a build up of instruments in this section. It adds to the texture which particularly sounds good. Verse 2(1:49-2:29) This verse, the lyrics sang by the vocalist are syllabic and on the beat.

This allows me as a listener to feel the beat and the lyrics at the same time. The drums are more prominent as well, it has a simple steady beat. Chorus (2:30-2:56) More instruments are coming into the music gradually, including strings instruments and guitars.

This keeps me as a listener captivated as when the music starts to get repetitive, there is other parts added to being back my interest. Bridge (2:57-3:22)       It is interesting how the bridge contrasts through the rhythm of the vocal part. The words are more syllabic. The music is also louder at this point. I like how the music crescendos and doesn’t suddenly get louder.   Instrumental (3:22-3:49) The instrumental part has a melody played by some instruments with the rhythm section. The melody played is contrasting to the other melodies in the song.   Chorus The last chorus is loud and conveying the message of the song through a thick texture, with lots of parts layered on top of each other.

The song ends with a short instrumental with the singer vocalising which I think is very unique.