Avery from the Netherlands in 1640. • He studied

Avery Vogel Per. 3AState Background.                                                                                                                                                                 •  New York became a colony in 1664.                         •  New York became a state in 1788.                       •  An English man named Henry Hudson claimed the land in 1609.            •  Later in 1626 it became a Dutch colony named New Amsterdam.

            •  The colony was used for the Dutch West India Company.           •  England renamed it New York after the Duke of York.                        •  Although later King Charles II claimed the land for his brother.                        •  New York’s state population was 319,000 people.                         •  The slave population was 21,000 people.                         •  The economy in New York is based on fur trading and agriculture.                                                                       II.

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  Personal Background                       •   John Lansing Jr. was born on January 30, 1754 in Albany, New York.         •   At the time of the Constitutional Convention he was 33            •   John was the son of Gerrit Jacob Lansing and Jannetje Lansing.            •  Gerrit Jacob Lansing emigrated from the Netherlands in 1640.         •   He studied law at age 21 in Albany, New York.

                     •   Soon after John became a military secretary.         •   Later went back into law and served six terms in the New York assembly. At this       time the revolutionary war was going on                      •   One of Lansing’s past occupations was a lawyer.          •   John Lansing was very wealthy, he had a huge estate.III.

    Issues          1.  Role of Government  a.  John Lansing believed that revising the Articles of Confederation was better than                                                              making a whole new Constitution. He thought that a new constitution                   would not provide the liberty that people wished to pursuit. Lansing                   did not like the language and terminology used in the Constitution                   so he decided not to sign it.    b.

New York’s viewed the Articles of Confederation the same way John Lansing did.               New York wanted to just revise the Articles of Confederation instead of writing a                    whole new Constitution.    c.  He wanted most of the government’s power to come from the state.

                  John left after six weeks because he did not like the idea of combining                   the states into one government. 2.   National Legislature  a.  New York thought that each each state should get the same amount of                                                  representatives as all the other states.             b.  The national legislature should be organized with just one house.3.   Slaves        a.

  New York wanted slaves to be counted as property along with being taxed just like any       other piece of property.       b.  Slaves should not count as people when determining state representation. The slaves         should only be counted as property for taxation, not citizens.4.   Chief Executive.

        a.   The presidents power should be strong.  A good president needs to be able to protect the    states against attacks and other things.       b.

  There should only be one chief executive because having a responsible leader is            important and that can come from just a single president. c.   The chief executive should be chosen by the people, so that way the people can choose                                       who they want to lead them.Citation”New York.” Gale Encyclopedia of U.

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