Author development, as well as an increase in export

Author Date or update Title of item Title of home page URL Date accessed Lameez Omarjee 13 July 2016 Beneficiation the future of SA’s diamond industry Fin24 https://www. 21 January 2018 Source1 SummaryThisreport delves into the diamond mining industry as a growing industry that couldstill continue for around three more decades. It explains how diamond mininggives over 35 000 people jobs which makes diamond mining economically importantto South Africa, and despite it declining, a programme is being set up for beneficiation,meaning working towards increasing the value of the diamonds being extracted.

This will help historical companies working in diamonds to improve profit andwealth. This will the promote sustainability of the industry and historicaldevelopment, as well as an increase in export wealth, for employment and torecover from a “post-mining economy”, such as that of Botswana and even India. PurposeThisarticle, written by a parliamentary reporter for Fin24, aims to outline therelevance of the diamond industry in South Africa and why it is beneficial tothe economy.

It also informs readers as to the lifespan of diamond mining andwhy it is so important to use this time while we still have the resource availableto us. Future use and continuation is mentioned, informing readers as to howthe diamond industry will continue to be used to South Africa’s advantage. ValueWhenresearching the importance of South Africa’s natural resource base in terms ofdiamond mining, this article proves to have relevant information to this topic.It states areas that are profiting from the diamond industry, includingincreased employment rates. It also focuses on what can be done to improve thediamond industry in terms of produces them locally in Gauteng, using it to itsfullest potential. In terms of historical development, the article talks ofsolutions to help restore diamond companies. The article is centred around themining industry in South Africa and the ways in which we can use the industry tobenefit Gauteng, mainly South Africa.  ReliabilityThereport was written by a parliamentary reporter for Fin24, who studied at theUniversity of the Witswaterstrand.

It includes quotes from Gauteng PremierDavid Makhura, as well as Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources, GodfreyOliphant, which adds to the reliability and credibility of the article as it isfocused on the diamond industry. Also included are refernces made by the CEO ofDe Beers Group, Bruce Cleaver, as well as chairperson, Barend Peterson. DeBeers Group is the worlds leading diamond company.LimitationsThereport, despite outlining the key points about the benefits of diamond mining inSouth Africa, is very concise.

It does not touch on the costs (in terms ofexpenses) of running the diamond industry and how it affects other resourcesthat are used in the process of extracting the mineral. It is very brief interms of its relevance to South Africa’s imports and exports and it would havebeen more useful if it had explained in more detail how it impacts or benefits thesefields. The report is also limited in terms of the social aspects of the SouthAfrican people as a whole.