Australia water. Australia has the world best wind energy

Australia is a huge country, it is almost the world biggest country. They use many different kinds of energy such as coal, gas and sometimes hydro energy, but the top 2 are solar and wind energy. They both are renewable energy which is good to the environment.

Many people are using these kinds of energy which is all renewable. Solar EnergySolar energy always comes from the sunlight. It is produced when the energy or the heat from the sun. Then, it will change into electricity that can gives your house energy or electricity to light up your house. It can be used to heat air, water and liquid. Australia has the best solar energy resources in the world, because it has the largest solar radiation, so it provides more solar energy.

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The biggest solar farm in Australia is in South Wales. The farm was developed by Fotowatio. The solar farm contains 3.4 million solar panels which needs a lot of space. It cost a lots of money to buy 3.4 million solar panels.

Advantages and Disadvantages of solar energyThe advantages of solar energy are solar energy is a very clean and sustainable energy; when solar panels are collecting energy, there is no sounds, it is just totally silents. The disadvantages are solar panels are expensive, it cost a lot of money; solar panels always takes a lots of space, you cannot just put it on your roof top.Wind EnergyWind energy is always produce by changing the kinetic energy.

In Australia, wind energy is used for electricity generation. Through the small windmill or turbines. When kinetic energy from wind forces the turbine, it will turn immediately. The generator keeps the energy and changes the wind energy into electricity.

It can also give your house electricity to light up your house. Wind energy is usually used to pump bore water which can help you to pump water. Australia has the world best wind energy resources in South-western, Southern and Southern-eastern regions. Southern place in Australia are very windy, because if there is no wind the turbines will not turn.Advantages and Disadvantages of wind energyThe advantages of wind energy are it saves a lots energy and it could give your house electricity; it is also a environmentally friendly energy. The disadvantages are when wind turbines are made, there will be air pollution which affects our health and environment; it is also very expensive.

These are the top 2 energy, but I think the most suitable energy for Australia is solar energy because Australia is a very big and hot sunny country. It has enough space and solar panels to put to collect the energy from the sun. Australia mostly use renewable energy because it saves a lots of energy. Sometimes they use non renewable energy such as coal, oil and gas because they are very cheap to buy. Solar energy, wind energy and sometimes hydro energy provides a lots of energy and electricity.