August them that they had to quickly move to

     August the 9th, 1945, Americawas about to drop its second bomb in 3 days, within seconds 30% of Nagasaki isflatted and more than 40000 people vaporized.

Five days later, Japansurrenders. This new super weapon is used twice to shorten the war and saveAmerican lives.     The central pacific, Tinian airbase. Augustthe 9th, 1945.

Sergesnt William Barney and his Colleagues from the509th composite group were gathering for a top secret bombingmission. They were drop fat man on Japan, Which was America’s second atomicbomb. The first, Little Boy, hit Hiroshima 3 days earlier. The US were hopingto bomb Japan into surrender. All were hoping for the last war and hoping thesurrender by the Japan. On the islands of Japan, for eight and half months, itsmajor cities have been razed to the ground as US air force carry out saturationbombing raids. Across the Country, families like Sakue Shimohira’s  were living in the fear of the next attack.At 2:49 am B-29 Super Fortes, Bock star takes off, its pilot, Major Sweeney,who was the leader of the mission.

Bombardier Beahan was the man in charge ofreleasing the bomb. At the back of the Plane sits Jim van pelt, the navigator. Andthe commander Ashworth who was the person who best knows how to the bomb works.The crew settles in for a 5 hour flight. First, they were regroup over theisland of Yakushima then they were travelling to their target, the city ofKokura.      In the morning time 7:50 am A.u.

s planeflies over Sakue’s Home, her mother wake them up and told them that they had toquickly move to air raid shelter. Because they were hoping that this plane candrop the bomb on them. Her mother said that under no circumstances leave theshelter or come to home.

A few miles away 18 years old Sumiteru Taniguchi wasdelivering letters.  It was areconnaissance plane which was checking the weather. So the Japanese liftedtheir air raid warning. So people left the shelter homes. But uneasy, Sakue’smother has ordered her and her sister to not to come out side so they stayedover there.      The weather over Kokura was clear. The crews’orders were that the bomb should only be dropped if they get a visual on thetarget which has to be clear.

So they were good to go once Big stink arrives. Theyhad to wait till fifteen minutes for that weather plane come. Meanwhile, 276Kilometers away in the Nagasaki.10 year’s old sakue was still in the shelter.8:50 am , Bocks car and the Great artist have been circling for last 40minutes.

They had problem with the fuel Tank means that plane cannot be able tofly for more time and they were caring the Fat man bomb. Every second they waitburns precious fuel. Sweeney Had to take decision because other plane which hadall the radio and radar related stuff in there didn’t arrive but he made thedecision that they are not going to be wait for that plane and they will moveforward for their target. He signals to the Great Artiste and both planes headfor the city of Kokura which was 390 kms far from their recent location. 9:20am Two panes approach the city. At 9:45 am the clear skies reported by theweather plane an hour ago had given way to clouds. Sweeney signals the startsignal of the bombing run, but immediately, they were facing the problem thatthey can’t be able to see their target just because of bad weather. And theywere just taking round of the city to see the clear visual of the city butstill they were facing the problem.

10:30 am in the morning, Sweeney calls offthe attacks on the Kokura. The abortive mission has cost 45 minutes of fuel. Andthey decide that they will go for Nagasaki which was their second target. Wheresakue was living. They just had a enough fuel to reach Nagasaki and come tobase if they will drop the bomb. They need to drop the bomb.

Whatever is theweather conditions. They talk to the commander to ask about radar scanningwhere they can switch by radar and target their goal easily. And he said thatNagasaki, we can go for it. Bockscar and Great Artiste arrives to the city ofNagasaki. The bombers were spotted, but by mistake Japanese thought that theseare also a weather plane which are circling around to check the weather so theydidn’t take any care.

They also didn’t buzzer the alarm and city’s 2, 70,000people continue their normal life.   Captain orders for the radar round but justbefore the radar drop, they were able the visual the city so they start forthat and at 11 am they drop the Fat man from 28,600 feet. And leave the areafor avoid the blast. Total weight of 22 tons of nuclear energy which was ableto destroy the whole city.

Which creates 4000 c temperature and the hot aircovers the whole city.        Then Great artiste plane took round tosee the fire and what they marked at the time that scene never happened in thewhole time because from that bomb they killed 40,000 people and 70,000 peoplewere injured. Everybody was asking for water and everyone was running likecrazy to save their life but the radiation was too high where they can’t evenbreath and everybody was turning to the ashes just because of high temperature.

       In this attack most number of who affectby this attack were facing radiation which was way dangerous than the others. Inthe bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack American air force killed over1,00,000 people in just three days which is the biggest number in the historytill now and after that nobody even try for that kind of attack because justone attack was that dangerous that even today Japan’s population is facing thatradiation with their body and which affect their body parts.    Japans Government took the surrender andworld war ends but according to critics that why USA did this? Was itnecessary? Because on the more than 100K people’s life the fight was importantto keep power in that region and the other one Russia who wanted to keep theirpower in the middle east also started the cold fight against the US because beforethis bombing USA and Russia wanted to go by the land war with japan but itnever happened and US took the whole territory under their name just because ofthese two bombs.    As human being hoping for no more this typeattacks because now a day’s more nations have power with nuclear where they candestroy whole world. Work Cited-“Hiroshima andNagasaki.

” The SAGE Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspectives,doi:10.4135/9781483359878.n300.