Assignment work. The outcome includes work motivation, job satisfaction,

Assignment 2            Outlinethe relationship between job characteristics and job satisfaction.Provide evidence for the view that job satisfaction leads to positive outcomes.  From the theory of job characteristics by J. RichardHackman and Greg Oldham, both organizational psychologists, “job design has aneffect on motivation, work performance, and job satisfaction.

” In job design, itplay a role that to manage and identify what kinds of job characteristics thatcan provide different outcomes of a job. In job characteristics, it is aframework the holds five core job dimensions, which affect three psychologicalstates. Then, the three psychological states lead to the outcomes. Thefive job dimensions are: ·        Skill variety·        Skill identity·        Skill significance·        Autonomy·        Feedback from jobIn these five dimensions, which affect three psychologicalstates, which are:-         The meaningfulness of the work-         Responsibility of the outcomesof the work-         Knowledge of the actualresults of the work activities.  In addition, these psychological states willaffect the outcome of a work.

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The outcome includes work motivation, jobsatisfaction, work effectiveness. According to the research, the definition of skillvariety is determine the degree a job that needs different abilities to finishthe work such as using different knowledge and skills. For example, if a workis repeatable and dull, it would lead to low meaningfulness of the work, themore complex of the work it is, it requires more talent, skills, which wouldturns out high level of meaningfulness of the work. Skill identity is like amirror, it determine the level of how clear that people can see the outcomefrom the work, bit by bit. During the working process, if an employee can workon the entire project and see a visible outcome or results, which will bedefine high level meaningfulness. Skill significance determine the work whetherit affect other’s live or not, from the big countries to the organizationitself. In other words, skill significance determine whether a work can affectother people’s lives. For general, if a job can improve other people’s lives orwell-being, which could be considered has high level of meaningfulness.

Autonomydetermine if the worker has enough freedom, independence in scheduling theirwork and how is the work going to be done. Most high antinomy jobs are managingtypes, like managers, project leaders, supervising officers, which are hasgreater personal responsibilities in their jobs. However, many of basic levelemployees has autonomy in their job position, which requires them follow thelead of managers of others, has low level of decision making. In thissituation, these basic level employees would feel fewer personalresponsibilities. The last job characteristics is Feedback.

In most situation,employees would like to know the levels of their performance. According to theresearch, feedback is not only to inform the progress of employees’ work, butalso to improve their self-esteem. If employees are told by managers that theirperformance is going good, they would likely to feel motivated to do the job inthe way of how they are doing it. However, if employees are told that they arenot fit the expectation of their job, they would try to figure out the reasonand improve the performance.If the five job dimensions are met in highlevel, the psychological states are likely to have high level experience, whichcould lead to positive outcomes naturally.

According to the research, theconnection between job characteristics and job satisfaction is obvious, thefive core job characteristics determine the three psychologicalstates, and these three psychological states define the outcomes whichinclude job satisfaction. According to the research, the definition of jobsatisfaction is how the employee satisfies with the job; however,job satisfaction is a psychological response that from different elements of ajob, and these responses could either be cognitive, affective or behavioral. Inaddition, job satisfaction could lead to many outcomes. From the research, jobperformance is the cause to job satisfaction. The explanation is, good jobperformance will lead to rewards and compliment, which lead to job satisfaction;in addition, the job satisfaction will continue affect employees to performancegood quality of job, which creates virtuous loop.

Another positive outcome ofhigh job satisfaction is low employee turnover. From the study, employees withhigh level job satisfaction as a whole are more likely have higherproductivity. Also from the research, when organization think about employees’interest, it would make employees think the company values them and they wouldwork harder to help organization to achieve its objectives, which means highjob satisfaction makes employees more loyalty to company. The last importantoutcome that high job satisfaction could provide is the lower turnover. Accordingto the research, “Turnover can be one of the highest costs attributed to the HRdepartment. Retaining workers helps create a better environment, and makes iteasier to recruit quality talent and save money. The bottom line: satisfiedemployees are typically much less likely to leave.

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