Assignment main task is to deploy big data applications

Assignment X In light of you not being able to directly use thevirtualization components of the Azure cloud, I’d like you to research some of thedifferent services that are offered. 1.     What areIaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.  What do they standfor, what are they for, and ­­what is an example of each.Infrastructure as a service – In this service we selectthe pre canned OS layer , deploy our code and then we add it to our data. Eg:Amazon EC2Platform as a service -This is a third party service whichprovide hardware and software tools for eg: google app engine a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model which makesapplication available to customers over the internet.

eg ms office 365  2.    Go to  The Azure cloud has over 600 differentservices spread across several different categories.  Give an overview of each category anddescribe the purpose of each.

  Then picktwo services from each category and explain what they’re for and why you’d useit.  ·      ComputeCompute category basically used to compute and execute applications on a cloudplatform using its different services .Moreover, compute category consists ofservices which helps to complete the above purposes.The two services of compute category are :1.    VirtualMachines : Foremost , this category supports many OS ,languages likewindows server ,sql server etc. Virtual machines of azure helps us in variousways like to run applications in the cloud and can easily create the perfectenvironment for testing an application and can configure changes in code

com/en-us/services/virtual-machines/ 2.    Cloudservices : the main task is to deploy big data applications and services tothe cloud combining in the cloud services of azure. This service can manage toback up these application.These are basically depends upon PAAS environment.https://azure. ·       Storage category of storage is a cloud service which helps in providing storage.Azure services of storage are redundant, secure and scalable .Azure storage havevarious services to provide storage efficiency.1.

    Blob Storage : Blob storage are highlyreliable and fetchable form any corner of the world by just using URLs. Blobstorage works on the principle of containers which are equivalent to the foldersin windows ,by putting any file including all the types can be easily accessiblethrough blob storage 2.    QueueStorage : Queue storage service of azure storage is used in low costmessaging .

This  usually helps to storeand get messages . This service can contain as many messages , these messagesare store in the form of queue .

com/en-us/azure/storage/common/storage-introduction·      Networking category of azure helps us to connect the local networks with bigdatacenters by using the various services of azure .these services will helpyou to connect with internet ,depending on the type of service these networksvaries in speed and security. There are many services of azure such as virtualnetwork, express route ,azure DNS and many more .

some of the services are :1.     Virtual networks: This service allowsus to develop a virtual environment of networks between the local network . Thisservice will develop a secure connection between your local network and virtualnetwork.2.     Express route : In this service ,If theuser want more bandwidth or security more than the virtual network service .For using this service there are permissions we need to take from our Internetservice provider .

With developing the express route your network route will notbe go through the public network.  ·      Web +Mobile

com/en-us/azure/fundamentals-introduction-to-azure#mobileAzure category of mobile helps you to back up the storage oth theapplications of mobile in a cloud which can only fetch by original users andcan send notifications with automation 1.    MobileApps : creating new mobile apps with backup option of cloud through azureservices makes it easy for the developer. By storing the in SQL databaseservers .Because of azure services mobile apps are capable of authenticate theusers through various social media accounts.2.    NotificationsHub : This service makes it easier for mobile apps to manage notifications.Notification hub can send notifications to millions of the users to with one applicationcall.·      Containershttps://azure. stores data in theform of containers which are equivalent to the folders in windows .In these containersone can store any type of file of any size1.    Batch : azure batch service helps us to runlarge-scale parallel and high performance computing workloads in azure .Itmanages the execution of tasks in a queue and the applications in which are cloudsupport is there .2.

    Container Instances : Easily run with a one command ,getstarted in seconds and lower your infrastructure costs by taking advantage ofbilling .It is the application running in the cloud.·      Databases

com/en-us/services/?filter=databasesDatabase category is more preferred than storage category because indatabases it more easy to fetch data with the help of sql database .1.    Sql database : azure sql database is a relationaldatabase service that lets you rapidly create ,extend and scale relationalapplications into the cloud.

2.    Azure Cosmos DB : Azure cosmos DB is a fully managedno sql document database service and it offers querying and transaction processingwhich is over rapid development ,reliable performance ·      Data +Analytics This category of azure helps us to manage the data and further dividedinto services .1.     Stream Analytics : Azure Stream Analytics is anevent-processing engine that helps you gain insights from devices, sensors,cloud infrastructure, and existing data properties in real-time. It’sintegrated out of the box with Event Hubs, and the combined solution can bothingest millions of events and do analytics to help you better understandpatterns, power a dashboard, detect anomalies, or kick off an action while datais being streamed in real time.

2.     Data Factory: Azure Data Factory is a managed service that lets youproduce trusted information from raw data in cloud or on-premises sources.Easily create, orchestrate, and schedule highly-available, fault-tolerant workflows of data movement and transformation activities. Monitor service healthand all of your data pipelines at a glance with a rich visual experienceoffered through the Azure portal. ·      AI + Cognitive Services https://azure.    Azure Bot Service : It enables rapid intelligentbot development, bringing together the power of the Microsoft Bot Framework andAzure Functions.

Build, connect, deploy and manage intelligent bots thatinteract naturally wherever your users are talking. Allow your bots to scalebased on-demand and you pay only for the resources you consume.2.    Cognitive Services : A portfolio of APIs and SDKs that enable developers toeasily add intelligent services, such as vision, speech, language, knowledge and search capabilities, to theirsolutions.·      Internet of Things 1.     IoT HubJumpstart your Internet of Things project with Microsoft IoT Hub.Connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets running on a broad set ofoperating systems and protocols.

Revoke access rights to specific devices tomaintain the integrity of your system.2.    IoT EdgeExtend intelligence from the cloud to edge devices·      EnterpriseIntegration 1.     Stor SimpleAzure StorSimple is a unique hybrid cloud storage solution for primarystorage, archiving, and disaster recovery. StorSimple optimizes total storagecosts and data protection. Note that the StorSimple 8000 Series is licensed separatelyfrom Azure services.2.    Datafactory : Azure Data Factory is a managed service that lets you producetrusted information from raw data in cloud or on-premises sources.

Easilycreate, orchestrate, and schedule highly-available, fault-tolerant work flowsof data movement and transformation activities. Monitor service health and allof your data pipelines at a glance with a rich visual experience offeredthrough the Azure portal.·      Security + Identity1.    Azure Active Directory :it provides identitymanagement and access control for your cloud applications. To simply useraccess to cloud applications, you can synchronize on-premises identities, andenable single sign-on. Azure Active Directory comes in 3 editions: Free, Basic,and Premium.2.

     Security Center ;with unique securitymanagement and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads·      DeveloperTools azure supports some of the developing which enables you to check,develop and test application. 1.     Visual Studio Team ServicesVisual Studio Team Services is a cloud-based application lifecyclemanagement (ALM) solution for everything from hosted-code repositories andissue-tracking to load-testing and automated builds. It’s accessible fromnearly anywhere, and you can create an account for free. Visual Studio TeamServices is licensed separately from Azure services.2.     Azure DevTest LabsIt makes it easy to quickly create environments to deploy and testapplications.

Use reusable templates and artifacts to build Windows and Linuxenvironments while minimalizing waste and controlling costs. ·      Monitoring + Management1.     Log AnalyticsAzure Log Analytics lets you collect, correlate and visualize all yourmachine data, such as event logs, network logs, performance data, and muchmore, from both your on-premises and cloud assets.2.     BackupAzure Backup protects Windows client data and shared files and folders.

In your datacenter, integrated with System Center Data Protection Manager(DPM), Backup protects Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, Hyper-Vvirtual machines, and other applications.  3.    Which services are included with your MicrosoftImagine account?  What could youpotentially do with the free services you’ve been provided? Services which are included:Web or mobile developer(notification hub andmobile app)Storage DatabasesDeveloper toolsWith the free services we can test developnew applications ,store and fetch data from containers and databases. Easierfor mobile apps to manage notifications .

Notification hub can sendnotifications to millions of the users to with one application call.  I have attached all the links from which helps me in myresearch  References