Assignment image shows relationships among pieces of the whole

AssignmentTheuse of Mind Mapping Tools Introduction In this paper you can read and learn about Mind-mapping programs,what is mind-mapping? And how it works. The use of these tools in relation to IT projects and how such tools can help people with writing and reading disorders in education and what are the benefits using these tools when you have dyslexia.MainPartWhatis Mind-Mapping? Mind mapping is a graphic technique that outlines concepts related to a central idea. The image shows relationships among pieces of the whole map,from outward branches to specific ideas within them. At the heart of mind mapping is simplicity.

Creators are likely to make use of their entire space,using colors,images,and words to get their ideas out there. Existing mind-mapping tools for both Windows and Mac (Linux) FreeMind is a free mind mapping software which is written in Java and is available for both Windows and Mac (Linux). And this program is faster than some others because of the one click fold / unfold and follow link operations. You also have another Mind-Mapping program that is capable with Windows and Mac (Linux) that program is Xmind.

Xmind. It works great on any OS desktop, and it can help you to organize your thoughts in a easier way. And if you want, you can add different icons and images to other parts of your project. The use of mind-mapping programs related to IT projects If you have a IT projects presentation it’s great to use a mind-mapping program.

If you are running a meeting, you can use mind-mapping instead of writing down meeting notes and do it the hard way. You can for instance use mind-mapping to show all your ideas, and you can have ideas along the way, and the people can see the wholeness as you present it the easy way. Another good way for a project manager to use mind-mapping programs to present something is decision making. While using a mind-mapping program if you want to make a lot of decisions for your project is that the program makes it much easier for you to understand the problem. How such tools can help people with writing and reading disorders in education? Dyslexia Dyslexia is a sort of reading and writing disorder.

It’s more difficult for people with dyslexia to read fast and write without grammar faults. It takes longer time for them to understand what they are reading and understand the text. And that makes it harder for a dyslexic to read and write normal because it takes to much time to learn and understand. And that’s why Mind-mapping comes in mind to help them learn and understand better. So how can a mind-mapping tool benefit to help people with dyslexia? Mind Mapping helps with dyslexia as you makes use of images, color, shape, size and symbols or drawings to map out information in a way that is easier to understand. Mind Mapping improves your concentration. A lot of dyslexic people can be distracted when trying to get ideas to write about or read to understand.

And when you use a mind map you can always see what you have already done, while you working on a new idea for your project. Mind Maps can also help people with dyslexia by take a big and large information bit and break into easier to read and understand method. Instead of hard, difficult, advanced text. Mind Mapping allows dyslexic to break down difficult problems into easy understandable text. The benefit of using mind maps is to help dyslexia so that it gives you better structure to your thoughts and ideas. Summary So to sum up what you might have learned and read about, you now know what a mind-map program is and how does it work with giving you ideas and makes it a bit easier etc, how you can use this in a presentation.

And what is dyslexia, and how can a mind map help people with reading and writing disorder. Also you might have learned about how this can fit in to IT relation using mind-map for a presentation for a project manager to make it easier instead of taking notes. References/Sources Main page, sourceforge.

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