ASSIGNMENT between sociology and history, economics, political science, anthropology,

                           ASSIGNMENTOF SOCIOLOGY                                                                                                                                                       SUBMITTED TO:                      SUBMITTED BY: NOOR UL HUDA  Question:Howsociology differs from other science and why do you think sociology is ascience?Sociology:The term Sociology isdefined as a methodical study of the actions of individuals, their values, and communication.

 The word sociology is derived from the Latinword “socius” which means companion and theGreek word “logos” which means speech, which together means “reasonedspeech about companionship. It analyzes the associationthat is present among individual and their societies. Individuals effecttheir societies and in return their societies influence them.  On the other hand,Science:”Ascience is a body of scientifically organized facts that illustrate theoperation of general laws (Mutsapha 2013)” How sociology differs from otherscience?Scienceis divided into two parts such as natural science and social science. Natural scienceis the study of physical or biological facts, while social science concerns withthe aspects of human conduct and their society.Differentsocial sciences deal with the various aspect of the social life of human, so itis necessary to identify the correlation that exists between sociology andhistory, economics, political science, anthropology, and psychology.Sociology and Natural Sciences: Sociology Natural sciences Sociology study the behavior of an individual in the society. While natural sciences study the physical world.

It concern with the prediction and explanation of natural phenomenon.  Sociology and Anthropology: Sociology Anthropology Sociology deals with advanced and complicated social groups While on the other hand anthropology concern with uncultured societies Sociology concerned with studying quantitative records. It gives importance in analyzing qualitative facts Sociology considered small as well as larger society While anthropology studies only small society  Sociology and history: Sociology History Sociology is a logical science History is an explanatory science Sociology is attentive toward studying the present-day events with all their complications While history study the past events of human beings It has broader scope It has limited scope  Sociology and political science: Sociology Political science Sociology is the science of society.

While on the other hand political science is the study of government and state It examines both sensible and unconscious actions of individuals Political science study only the conscious actions of social groups Sociology has boarder scope It has narrower field  Sociology and economics: Sociology Economics Sociology pays attention to all types of social affiliations While Economics concentrated on the creation and distribution of society’s goods and services. It is theoretical in nature because its variables are very hard to compute. It is concrete in nature because its variables are very simple to quantify It is a universal social science It is an exceptional science Sociology study the impact of industrialization in the society On the other hand, economics studies the economic factors of productivity, labor and industry  Sociology and psychology: Sociology Psychology   Sociology is the study of various cultures, values and societies While psychology study human thought and behavior in examines the mental processes that occur within that person It focuses on questionnaire techniques It deals with experimental approaches  Why do you think sociology is ascience?Likeother sciences anthropology, political science, history, economics andpsychology, sociology is a social science. Sociology is considered a science asmuch as chemistry, physics, and biology, as it uses robust method likebiological and other natural sciences.

There aremany different point of views arise when we come at the query “why do you thinkSociology is a Science?”.  There are two distinctphilosophies on this matter such as positivists and interpretivism. Positivistbelieve that sociology is a science while interpretivism proposed thatsociology can’t be a science. When we assume that sociology is a science, we mean that researcher uses thescientific approaches to attempt to comprehend the several characteristics ofsociety that sociologists consider.Today there are large number of sociologists that are reluctantto tag sociology a science because they proposed that the conduct of individualsand groups can be accurately quantified by using quantitative methods.

Quantitative technique focused on numerical analysisof data and it figure how much, how often, what is relationship between? In thismethod data is collected through surveys, interview, questionnaires etc. Wherequalitative technique only explores the experiences, culture and particularissues of people. It concerns with what, how. Thereare numerous resemblances to the approaches of research used by scientists.  Durkheim a positivist believed that in sociology there was aneed for quantitative data and thorough scrutiny in order to gain a factualunderstanding of society. Quantitative research in Sociology adapts conventionalscientific practices and relate them to social research; this is clear inresearch techniques such as structured questionnaires surveys.”Accordingto Durkheim sociologist perceive things, in the similar mentality as thephysiologist, chemist and physicist, when they make investigation into a stilluncover region of the scientific field”.

From this finding Durkheim drew the assumptionthat behavior can be quantitatively observed and computed, like the natural researcherobserves and quantify the domain.Sociologist try to generalize the results regarding trends existamong various dimensions of social life, so it is not possible to yieldgeneralizations by only considering the qualitative aspect of social life.Forexample:Researcher examined quantitively the rate of men and women whocommit suicide. From the surveys, it is proved that Men are more likely tocommit suicide than women. By this statement it does not mean that every mancommits suicide and no women commits only mean that women have lowersuicide rate.

So, by using both qualitative as well quantitative techniques itis made possible for sociologist to generalize the result which is not possibleby only using qualitative approach.Conclusion:Sociology is the study ofbehavior of societies, it is quite different from other sciences (psychology,history, anthropology, political science and economics). The question (why doyou think sociology is a science?)  isstill debatable. There are two school of thought on this point. positivistbelieve that sociology is a science, but the interpretivists say that sociologycan’t be a science. Many sociologists believe that Sociology is a science because adopting a same scientifictechnique to study the human behavior of world, which other sciences apply.

Thequantitative as well as qualitative approach of gives true picture of fact.