Assessing the Consumer Behavior Perspectives in Marketing Essay

A celebrated quotation mark says: “ we surround ourselves with valued material ownerships as a affair of our lives taking class.

A sense of linkage to the concrete and discernible universe external to ourselves licenses us to obtain a sense of stableness and continuity in an otherwise less stable being. ” It reveals consumer ‘s head when they make determination towards what they want to purchase and possess. The fond regard of material ownership is the original pulsation to do people to do the purchase behaviour. By possessing valued stuffs, people feel they are connected to the universe external to themselves. Possession of stuffs gives people a sense of stableness and continuity.Peoples frequently judge or are judged by what they have in their lives. Material ownership helps people to obtain a sense of satisfaction and felicity from what they possess.

Material objects do non merely assist people to set up self or non self boundaries, but besides help to make a sense of control over the environment around us. Any purchase or purchasing will be affected by consumer behaviour ; hence, consumer behaviour is a really of import scientific discipline for marketing research. This essay will environ the above quotation mark to discourse and analyse consumer behaviour which decides the procedure of their purchase and purchasing determination devising.Explanation of the quotation markThis quotation mark is frequently used by bookmans to discourse the underneath deduction lying in the sentence in footings of consumer behaviour. It implies that people can experience their being in the universe chiefly by possessing valued material things.

If they do non possess material things, they barely feel the sense of stableness and continuity in the universe external to themselves. Material things chiefly refer to the touchable merchandises or trade goods. In our life class, we are surrounded with assorted material things or goods with certain value. And the ownership of material things is a natural phenomenon for people.For case, a kid will repeatedly inquire his parents to purchase the plaything he likes and he does non fulfill for merely seeing or touching it in the supermarket. This is the desire of ownership. Meanwhile, as we grow up at different age, the sense of stuff ownerships besides grows and we feel the stuff ownerships become a portion of our lives.

Material ownerships let us experience stableness, continuity and being. Through material ownerships, we connect and link our lives.The things we buy and ain reflect our personal demands and wants. It is common that we continuously change to put our stuff ends through the class of our lives. For illustration, immature coevals professional will put the material end to possess a less expensive 3 series BMW, nevertheless, a older coevals professional will travel up to more expensive 5 series.

Thus, through the material things we possess, it reflects what individual we are indoors and how we are conceived by other people. Through material ownership, we self value our lives.Consumer behaviour is frequently the object to research by the sellers and it is widely applied in the selling scheme.

Consumer behaviour is normally associated with selling scheme. It will be greatly helpful for company to analyze the consumer behaviour with regard to increase the gross revenues of the merchandises. Consumer behaviour is a really complicated subject and it involves in many facets. Consumer behaviour, besides known as client behaviour, refers to the determination doing procedure conducted by the consumer in footings of when, where, how, why they purchase or non buy a merchandise.

It involves in several scientific discipline facets including psychological science, economic sciences, and sociology ( Michon & A ; Chebat, 2008 ) .Consumer behaviour is really complex and is affected by both internal and external factors. Internal influences include personality, motive, attitudes, and beliefs and so on. External influences contain civilization, societal category, household demands etc. The mixture of these factors contributes to a purchasing act. However, the determination doing procedure toward a purchase behaviour is non merely stable against these influences.

For case, one time I walked in a places shop, I saw a black brace of places really match with my program in footings of the money I planned to use. But right at the minute I was traveling to pay for the black places, I was immediately attracted to another green brace of places with really alone manner and comfy. Then I ended up with purchasing the green 1s instead than the black places which I had originally set out for. Therefore, consumer behaviour is a altering determination doing procedure. You may frequently alter your targeted object to buy due to assorted factors.Analysis the relationship between consumer behaviour and the quotation markThe quotation mark chiefly strengthens person ‘s fond regard to material ownerships and it reflects people ‘s psychological facets in the procedure of doing purchase determination. Psychological factors in consumer behaviour are really of import constituents to represent the purchasing act to a certain point. In psychological science, it includes motive, perceptual experience, acquisition, beliefs and attitudes.

From analysis of the quotation mark, it is non difficult to reason that the quotation mark reveals single ‘s beliefs and attitudes towards material ownerships.The quotation mark can be construed in a manner that an person ‘s material ownerships represent an extension of the ego into the external stuff universe. That persons feel more or less connected and linked to the external universe is dependent on more or less material points they possess. Therefore, it is obvious that there is a sort of fond regard or attitudes/beliefs to material points in person ‘s head.Attitude and beliefs in consumer behaviour are really of import and besides the most hard parts for the sellers to alter. Consumer attitude is formed in a long term by perceptual experiences and values.

When nearing a certain merchandise, consumers perceive it in the first topographic point, and so they will pay attending to values and beliefs about the merchandise, and do determination whether or non to buy the merchandise at last. Attitude in consumer behaviour is a permanent general rating of an point ; it greatly affects consumer ‘s purchase devising determination ( Martin & A ; Morich, 2011 ) . By and large talking, one time the consumer forms a positive attitude towards a certain merchandise or trade name, he/she will be more likely to go loyal to the product/brand. In add-on, attitude is formed in the class of life and people in different state of affairs will hold different attitude about things. For some people, material ownerships may be non strong.They may non experience to possess valued material points represents their societal category or others. Therefore, we frequently encounter some rich people who are non care about the trade names what they are have oning.

Meanwhile, some people are really attention of possessing material things to reflect their interior side to other people. In add-on, attitude towards material points is altering along with person ‘s age. For illustration, people will put their material ends as to purchase a 100 M2 flat at their 30 ‘s whereas they may put stuff ends to populate in a 200 M2 or a Villa. For sellers, they have study consumer attitude and analyse the factors which influence the edifice of consumer attitude, so bring forth a positive emotion towards their merchandises.Beliefs in consumer behaviour survey refer to the specific beliefs about the specific merchandises in the market place.

Consumer belief is constituted by cognition and emotions. Beliefs influence clients whether to buy the merchandise or non greatly. If a client has negative or prejudiced beliefs about the merchandise or trade name, he/she will be less likely to do the purchase determination and frailty versa. Therefore, sellers should seek to concentrate on altering the negative or prejudiced beliefs constructed by consumers about their merchandises. Consumer beliefs are those psychological associations to the merchandise or trade name or to its characteristics and properties. Stronger association consequences in stronger client ‘s beliefs to the merchandise ( Harris, 2010 ) .

From the quotation mark, it can besides be derived that psychological fond regard plays really of import function in consumer behaviour. Individual ‘s fond regard to possess objects helps the determination doing procedure to buy the objects. Material ownerships remind us of the yesteryear we had, the current we have. Attachment means the feelings towards stuff object ownership which links an person to the peculiar objects external themselves.Material ownership fond regard has its strength, and the fond regard to a certain object could be comparatively strong or weak. We consecutively take material ownerships as the symbols in the self-development procedure in our life to show the individuality in the universe as to link with others.

Material ownership fond regard is a multi-faceted belongings of the relationship between a specific person or group of persons and a particular, stuff object that an person has psychologically appropriated, decommodified, and singularized through person-object interaction ( Ferraro, Escalas & A ; Bettman, 2010 ) .Material ownerships surround us in our life long. We can non populate without material ownerships. We possess material objects sometimes for necessities, sometimes for luxuries. Consumer behaviour research workers were seeking difficult to understand how material ownerships set up, maintain or even alter our lives.

We normally use material ownerships to depict our life narratives and to enter our past memories, current experiences, and even future ends. Such material ownerships are applied to build and keep a sense of personal individuality and to show who we are in the universe ( Ledgerwood, Liviatan & A ; Carnevale, 2007 ) . The grounds why people concept and maintain personal individuality through stuff ownerships involve in two psychological constructs: extended ego and material ownership fond regard.The construct of extended ego has been identified by Belk to construe how single integrate material ownerships into their self definitions. Peoples invest in stuff ownerships to specify themselves, therefore the objects possessed by people are the drawn-out ego to build and reflect people ‘s individualities. Therefore, material ownership is a important portion of an person ‘s extended ego. By possessing material objects ( or extended self ownerships ) , it can supply people with the touchable image of their individualities ( Belk, 1988 ) .

In this manner, people maintain their biographical records which permit us to obtain a sense of permanency and continuity in an otherwise less stable being.The basic definition of stuff ownership fond regard has been discussed in the old paragraph. In this portion, it will chiefly analyse how material ownership fond regard is formed and what significance to analyze it will lend to the consumer behaviour. It is easy to understand everyone has at least one stuff ownership fond regard to a certain point which is particular, favourite or cherished for him/her. For illustration, some people may hold great ownership fond regard to her favourite trade name such as Dior and whenever there is new manner, she will seek her best to acquire and possess it.This could be called the stuff ownership fond regard.

Material ownership fond regard is a complex which is formed due to assorted grounds such as past good memories, personal likings and it appears to be different harmonizing to age, life phase and gender differences ( Earl, 2002 ) . The survey of material ownership fond regard is really utile for market research workers to analyse the consumer behaviour. Generally one time an person has formed the fond regard to a specific merchandise or trade name, he/she will be far more likely to do the purchase behaviour.DecisionIn decision, consumer behaviour is a complicated procedure affecting in many facets such as societal, psychological facets. It is a really of import field to be studied in the selling scheme since with better apprehension of consumer behaviour ; sellers can aim the consumer more easy and alter their schemes to retain clients.

In this essay, based on the celebrated note, the psychological facets in consumer behaviour have been analyzed.The quotation mark reveals significance of people ‘s attitude and beliefs towards material ownerships. In add-on, it is explained that stuff ownership to stand for the touchable personal individuality and act as the drawn-out ego. Meanwhile, it besides strengthens the material ownership fond regard as the original motive for doing the purchase determination. The quotation mark implies the significance of material ownership to huge bulk people.

Material ownership is straight related to purchasing behaviour ; hence, it is really utile for consumer research workers to understand how these factors can act upon consumer purchase determination doing procedure.