As would have modular design, consisting of magnets on

As you may or may not have known DJ Koh is current Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung electronics.

It was said that the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 is due on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which is to kick off on February on 26th. We all know when phones are to be launched there are rumors which may or may not be true about its’ features, so Samsung Galaxy S9 is believed to be one of Samsung companies’ best product to be launched. Samsung Galaxy S8 was also able to hit the stores in early 2017.ScreenOne of the most important parts in any phone is the screen.

 Samsung Galaxy S9 would consist of features such as a 5.8 and 6.2 inch screen, it is also believed that it is sure to be curved, and if you are a Samsung user you might know about the vibrant visuals and good contrast due to the use of Super AMOLED.

It is also believed or said that its consist of a finger print-sensing technology below the glass.New glass coating is also a feature Samsung phone user is patiently waiting for, which is believed to be able to bounce water off smartphone screen.Also a foldable screen nevertheless is also been a rumored among the users as well.DesignVideos and images of the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been seen by lot of people, which can be explained by looking at that it is similar to the S8, with the finger print scanner beneath the camera. It’s also consisted of small bezels. It is also heard that Samsung Galaxy S9 would have modular design, consisting of magnets on the back letting the user attach necessary accessories.

It is also rumored that it is supposed to launch in purple color too.CameraPhones camera has been a feature where any phone user would look to, we all know about the various social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook and much more,  we post pictures of us or any other, so in order to take pictures people do not carry cameras so they use their own phone camera. It is rumored to have a 12 MP Dual pixel lens with optical image stabilization.It would also consist of a 3D face Scanner and a single lens camera. Its camera system is also believed to be upgraded too. As mentioned before the 3D sensor front camera as a new way for you to unlock your phone.BatteryA phone is an electronic device we carry it out whenever we go, so it is believed to have a 3000mAh battery which would be more power efficient and that the battery would not get low as fast as the other phones do.

OS and PowerIt is believed that Snapdragon 845 would most probably powering Samsung Galaxy S9, and would consist of 4GB – 6GB RAM.It also includes the LTE modem which is to support in order to theoretical download speeds of 1.2Gbps faster than any other phone.SpeakersIt is also rumored that it would have good sounds, AKG stereo speakers would be included  and free set of AKG Bluetooth headphones.