As through classical morals, celebration and international growth. It

As humans have been around forabout six billion years now, the world has evolved and passed through differentphases of time, and experienced several different methods of living. For manyyears, historians have been trying to decide what was the greatest time periodof history, as there have been countless periods of growth and positivemovement. Looking back through the world’s history, it’s pretty easy to saythat the Elizabethan Era was the greatest time of all.

This era was a time ofEnglish renaissance that inspired people through classical morals, celebrationand international growth. It is often depicted as being “the golden age”, andit is widely romanticized in plays as it saw the peak in poetry, music and literature.Despite the many punishments and executions, the Elizabethan Era is bestrepresented as the golden age because of its beautiful theatre, charmingfashion and great amount of growth.            TheElizabethan Era was a highly fascinating time period and is mainly known as thegolden age because of the incredible theatre produced. It was unfortunate thatmen and women of this time were expected to obey such strict guidelines,however, the abrupt recognition to music, poetry and literature brought a newform of entertainment and happiness to those living at that time. Shakespeare,for example, one of the most famous writers to this day, brought quality to theart of writing, which was quickly diminishing and influenced a new andimpressive style of writing. (CITE) In addition,the method of acting happened to be quite peculiar in comparison to how peoplebehaved in the Elizabethan period. Their gestures were stylized based off ofrhetoric books of their time, they used very confident and overdramaticexpressions, which is what allowed actors to act freely, and branch off fromtheir normal day-to-day expectations (CITE).

Asplays and performances became more popular, more theatres were built to providemore places to perform. The expansion of theatres created job opportunities formany that were much more personal then other jobs people could inherit, as wellmade good profit from how many theatre productions were held at this time. Toconclude, theatre of the English renaissance was very special to many, andcreated the foundation to writing and acting for future years.

            A verysignificant part of the Elizabethan times, that made it one of the greatesttimes of all, was the elegant and luxurious clothing worn by the people of thistime. There were two very distinct styles of fashion, and the clothing peoplewore strongly indicated whether the person was wealthy or poor. Anyone who wasconsidered wealthy were expected to dress in very elegant clothes, some ofwhich included doublets, underclothing, ruffs, collars, hats, for men, andfancy jewlery, corsets, gowns, underclothing, ruffs and collars for women. (CITE) Something else that made the fashion andclothing worn so unique was the way these clothes were made, as it was a muchdifferent process to make clothes in those days then it is today. Anyone noble,in fact anyone wealthy and of upper class, wore clothing of bright, vibrantcolours, which the dye to produce these colours was very costly because theywere obtained from insects found in the Mediterranean, and these brightcoloured clothing were only available to the wealthy because of the highprices.

(CITE) People took inspiration fromQueen Elizabeth and her noble family, as they were who brought about thebeautiful and elegant looking clothing to the world. The clothing was all madeby hand, for the most part, and had stunning embroidery, made of materialsincluding very expensive velvet, silk and satin. Overall, unlike how fashion istoday, clothing in the Elizabethan era could greatly indicate a person’s wealthand status in life, which is what made fashion so important in this timeperiod.            TheElizabethan Era was also a time of peace and growth in countries especiallyEngland, which gives it the name “the golden age”. Queen Elizabeth, during thistime, led England to war with Spain, which resulted in pure domination byEngland. (CITE) This domination triggered a hugeincrease in wealth and success in England’s economy, which attributed to agreat amount of progression during the Elizabethan years.

The increase inwealth allowed the nation to use the money towards more art related things.This is where famous writers like Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe played ahuge part in their society and began a new beginning and a new form of progressto the art of literature and theatre. Queen Elizabeth was the biggestinstigator towards exploring new traits and further increases in the wealth ofthe nation, she began the new trend of purchasing exotic materials to show offthe wealth of the country and tied together the whole Elizabethan Era.

Beyondthe struggles that were faced in this time, it is remembered for thesignificant and substantial amount of growth, inventions, and happiness. Despite the battles and downfalls, the Elizabethan Era wasone of the greatest times in history and deserves the name of the golden agebecause of the theatre, the growth and the fashion. A time that people to thisday attempt to relive and bring back the atmosphere of this era as it is onethat none can forget. The world will continue to grow with positive change, butmoments like the Elizabethan era should always be remembered for that is whatbuilt the foundation to the amazing world created today.