As they act in the workplace. One’s careless remarks,

As we entered the new age of technology social media is born, we began sharing our lives with the world. Facebook, Twitteri, and many other sites are used to connect with friends, and family. At some point we abused social media and became careless, posting remarks about how much we hate our jobs, racial slurs and even nude pictures. Now, this careless act is coming back at many ways in the workplace. The social media background check is born, a simple Googling of the interviewees name shows employer many social media accounts they may have. They can see everything the interviewees has posted, from embarrassing spring break pictures, religous veiws, every status update from the begaining of there accounts, even what they follow on their social media account.

Some online services can be purchased to look even deeper into their social media accountsii. Some going as far as showing the interviewees private data. These services many also only show questinoble social media post, such as how much they want to quit a previous job or drunken words they have posted. The Employer could have concerns in many cases but not all. If the interviewee is appling to be a police officer, and is sharing or creating post about rasisism there should be concerns if the interviewee is really fit for the job. If the interviewee is appling at a market shouldn’t they be penilized for posting a picturure of them nude? With each job comes a diffrent stander of your actions outside of the work place. Are we really willing to give the jobs of tommorow to young adults that are posting about what party was going on, how much they have drank and even what illegal substances they are using? Social media checks should be used on jobs that are important to the public such as lawyers, police officers, teachers and so on.

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As we move into the futer we should be pelilizing those who reflect a bad personal status online. The way one conduct theselves on social media can be the same way they act in the workplace. One’s careless remarks, photos or questinable actions on social media should make it impossible for them to obtain a well paided job. As the society moves further into the future will our standers change for online behavoir and the work place? Or must the young generation learn that each action comes with repercussions?