As power and the control that the Europeans were

As history proves until today, Imperialism was and is detrimental to our world and its many countries.

Colonization, Imperialism, they were all a chance for powerful nations to be selfish and greedy, to expand their territory, and to gain the resources they wish to obtain and benefit from. The negative weight that comes along this whole strategy of empowerment and conquer is evident in the 19th century Imperialism when the invasion of the European Nations heavily and negatively impacted Africa and its people. European nations were so blinded by the sense of property, of control, of power, that the suffer they brought to Africa was neglected. The sudden shift of tradition, of culture, lifestyle, of rights, of freedom, they were all taken away from the poor Africans.Imperialism carried the power and the control that the Europeans were so desperately seeking. And the satisfaction that this brought to them, allowed them to abuse this power and forcefully take control of what shouldn’t or what is not in their possession; in this case the freedom and natural rights of the Africans. ?During the 20th century, Africa was divided up by the major imperialist powers of Europe involved in the Scramble for Africa, with most of the continent being “shared” to them respectively. The European powers divided up the continent of Africa among themselves, without any consent from the people who actually lived there.

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The social classification was changed to a social system where racial, ethnic, and religious differences were of great importance, as delegated by European rule. The structure and business of the African economy was directed by what the colonial powers felt was necessary. The European powers interjected in the African society and inflicted them with their supposedly “superior way of life”. ? The slave trade was another important method that the Europeans used to dominate Africa and strip them away from their freedom and natural rights as humans. This unjust form of treatment gave the Europeans a pass into the whole continent, enabling them to divide the land as they pleased. The Europeans stole the land from the Africans, and imposed their way of life into African society. Imperialists brought military technology along with them, decreasing the likelihood that the Africans could resist their forces of ethnocentric civilization.

The 19th century European Imperialism did not only take away the natives’ homes and natural rights as humans, but it forcefully shifted their traditional, social, cultural and economic ideals. ? Imperialism also had a significant impact on the general health of the people of Africa. Because they had no immunities, many Africans died of diseases which were brought over by European colonists. The economic policy of 19th century Imperialism, emphasized the production of cash crops for export, whether by African peasant farmers or by European plantation owners. To provide workers for the plantations, a system of labor migration was instituted.

This led to grave consequences to the health and nutrition of the women and children left behind. Domestic food production was neglected by Africans forced to migrate in search of cash to pay taxes and by those engaged in the cultivation of cash crops. Extensive malnutrition and persistent ill health related to poor diet are thus traced directly to Imperialism and the negative effects it has on its colonies. It is unarguably clear that Imperialism has brought much disadvantages to our world and its poor undeveloped countries. As proved by the Europeans during the 19th  century, Imperialism is able to strip away a nation’s natural rights and freedom. It causes unjustified and forced empowerment (The European divided up the continent of Africa among themselves, without any consent from the people who actually lived there), unjust treatment (The slave trade) and detrimental consequences (Famine).

Imperialism is an unfair and greedy strategy that gives powerful nations the advantage of manipulating a poor country to their own advantage.