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As requested, the presentation on Social Media for the Telfer COOP students is summarized in this memo. I will be explaining to the students the important role social media plays in enhancing the workplace and personal profile. I will be presenting different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and how those social networks contribute to professional development. Facebook According to Statista, the most popular social network around the world is Facebook. It has the highest percentage of 70% active usage as from February 2017 compared to other social networks (Newman, Fletcher, Kalogeropoulos, Levy and Nielsen, 2017). Facebook is an excellent information resource where we can keep ourselves informed about the global news, new advertisement, and new trends. It can also be a great job hunting tool as nowadays a lot of companies are recruiting potential candidates through online job advertisements on Facebook. Many companies have a Facebook page where they provide their information and expectations. It became easier to learn about a company and see if we are interested and meet the expected requirements before applying for a job. Moreover, Facebook offers an international experience. It provides ways to contact people privately or publicly by messages or posts. The comment section on Facebook allows us to ask questions where anyone with the right answer can respond and allows us to give our opinions. It allows us to make business contacts throughout the world. Twitter One of the most popular social network among celebrities and well-known people is Twitter. It is known for giving updates in a quick amount of time and for keeping up with the latest trends. Even though Twitter has a percentage of 20% among global active users according to Statista, a lot of businesses use it promote their companies and raise brand awareness networks (Newman, Fletcher, Kalogeropoulos, Levy and Nielsen, 2017). One can use twitter to promote themselves, for their own personal PR campaign, to show their expertise and share their success so that they can impress potential employers to look at their online CV. Like Facebook, Twitter as well has many job postings to where you can apply directly or by following the link provided. It allows you to follow people and companies that you are interested in and communicate with them to increase your chances at having an interview by making yourself known (Mills, 2013). According to research firm Aberdeen 73% of 18 to 34 years old find their job through a social network (Beagrie, 2015). Through company’s tweets on twitter, one can get a better understanding of the company, its atmosphere, and people thus can be more prepare if they happen to get an interview at that company. LinkedIn Unlike other social media, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to describe themselves as much as they want in a professional way with their CV attached. It is a public domain with your profile and   facts about yourself. LinkedIn is a platform where you can list all your achievements and show your skills through videos, blogs, articles, portfolios, and PowerPoint presentations. It is designed to connect and build relationships with potential employers easily. It allows you to put personal recommendations on your profile to add credibility. (Mills, 2013). LinkedIn is also an excellent job search tool. According to a LinkedIn blog, there are more than 10 million active job listings on LinkedIn (Chuang, 2017). LinkedIn has an amazing quality where it lets you use relevant keywords so that when a recruiter searches those keywords, they find you right away. Through LinkedIn, one can use the activity updates to remind potential employers about you and what you offer by encouraging dialogue within the network, sharing news or feedbacks. LinkedIn also allows you to join discussions group to give useful perspectives or gain knowledge from others (Mills, 2013). Ultimately, there are different platforms of social media each having their own qualities. Everyone should use social media and take advantage of the services that they offer to enhance their workplace and personal profile. Please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration.