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As of now in the United States there are 4 million immigrants. This incorporates 10 million in california alone. All through the exposition I will depict and clarify each of the four major waves of U.S. movement. Once we are able to viably get each wave. We start to see the American is a story of migration alone.Before 1709 scientist believed that human beings first came to north america over 200,000 years ago. After the year 1000 vikings came to america and stayed for 500 years then the europeans migration began. In some places meeting the europeans was a wonderful experience, very peaceful but in other countries violence was the only thing that was against them and were diseases. Crossing the atlantic ocean for 3 months was going through sickness, limited food resources, and overcrowding ships. The native americans were the first to actually live in america for a long period of time. The available land and freedom of religion was why the europeans kept coming. English, scots, scotch irish, germans, migrated to pennsylvania. Dutch french, and spanish migrated to florida and southwest for christians coverts. Starvation diseases killed at least 1-10 immigrants who were sailing america and died when they got to america but didn’t have the chance to even put a foot on the land. In 1709 the first naturalization act which shows that the alien (undocumented aliens) being a whole person may become a U.S. citizen. Before the congress wouldn’t really care about immigration and would leave that up to the states. Plymouth rock was the name of the first wave of Immigrants. The total amount of immigrants in the US was 1.2 million. Any immigrants that were transported to America were called undocumented aliens. Immigration was reduced many times over the years of 1806-1812. The Irish came because of the potato famine in the 1840’s and 1850’s. The people that came were the English, African, Scots-Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, Chinese, and the French. They came for economic opportunity and the great hunger. They experienced very welcoming signs.The third wave was 1880 – 1930. The people that came were the British Isles, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia, and Austro-Hungary. They came because of Democracy, Freedom of religion, Available land, Other economic opportunities, and  industries like steel and railroads. The new immigrants helped build new railroads and took jobs in steel mills. When the immigrants got to Ellis island they got checked for diseases and if they did have disease they got  numbered and sent back to their home land or they would go to the Ellis island hospital. If they didn’t have diseases they would get to start their new life in America, but it was very difficult for the immigrants to find new jobs.The fourth wave lasted from 1965 to the present. The people that came were 4 million+ Mexicans, 1 million+ Philippines, 3 Quarters of 1 million koreans, 750,000 DR, 740,000 indians, 720,000 cubans, 700,000 vietnamese, and 650,000 canadians. The population of asia quadrupled and many people come from southeast asia because of war. The push factors were because of rising population, intense poverty, government reparation.The pull factors were because of political freedom, economic opportunity, freedom. People come here with a work visas and stay even if they expire. Others just cross the border. Most of the immigrants come because they are desperately pore and aren’t skilled workers. They are coming to take economic opportunity. The immigration population rises to 5 million. The people in the fourth wave ended up in California, florida, texas, illinois, pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey. Unemployment equals anti immigrant backlash. they Increased border security and built a new fence that is the result of the immigrant backlash. They also increased deportation. There are 11 million undocumented people. Immigrants during this wave started to add diversity, rebuild cities, and started to improve the economy.In conclusion, I think that immigrants are not negatively affecting America. In fact I think that immigrants help america and they don’t get any credit for what they do. In the fourth wave they added diversity, rebuilt cities, and improving the economy.