As I don’t see myself making a big impact

As an Health sciences major, it is important to improve my communication skills. I have always been the worst when it came to speaking in public. The ability to communicate with others is important because in the health sciences career you will have to work with people on a daily basis. Interpersonal communications is supposed to help us with sharpening our critical understanding of communications.Not being raised in an environment of positive fortification and poor communication in the places I have worked at, I made it a goal to change that trait in my own family and professional environment.

In my childhood, learning to communicate with other peers was always my first fear. Being someone that has a social anxiety makes a big impact on my life. I always felt awkward when talking with others and presenting. How I see my self-image is pretty low, I don’t see myself making a big impact on speaking with others about things that’s important. I never make eye contact when speaking with others, I have the fear that they are judging me on how I am as a person. As I grow older I have learned to loosen up when it came to talking to peers.Writing never been my strongest suit, I honestly feel like it’s harder to say everything you want to say than when in person.This brings me to having to learn sign language to be able to talk to my brothers aunt.

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I feel like when using your hands more it’s easier to communicate than being afraid to speak what’s on my mind. My stronger suit has always been reading. Growing up I was always fascinated with books. Reading books always was my way with communicating with others. When reading books with characters with the same background always gave me some kind of happiness.

After reading I always like to discuss the book with 2 or 3 people. Understanding others opinion on a book always sparked excitement. Having a class with books reports and reading books that interest me made me communicate with others. Many people in this world have trouble speaking in front of a group of people. Some people hate it because they get nervous and start to stutter causing you to say the wrong things which can make you feel like an idiot. These are some of the problems I encounter when I speak in front of a group, struggling to get over a word. Most people suggest picturing everyone naked but I prefer looking at one person. Being comfortable and confident when doing a speech or just speaking with friends is a big part of communicating.

For my first semester at Madonna University I always find it hard to raise my hand when discussing topics because of my fear of being looked at when talking.