As daily tasks. However, all family members did their

As I have previously said inthe first journal, the family of my client played a very important role interms of palliative care. It is obvious that all family members are completelyare completely distressed.

For them, it was quite difficult to realize thattheir relative was dying and they would never see her again. On the other hand,family members of my client were trying to do their best to ensure that theclient would die without suffering and constant pain. At first, my client stayed athome, because she was capable of fulfilling her daily tasks.

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However, allfamily members did their best to ensure that all her needs and requirements aremaintained in a proper way. Then, when she became less capable of doing herday-to-day tasks, she was placed in a special hospice environment. The familymembers visited my client helping her with daily tasks. At some point, theybecame caregivers. When my client was diagnosedwith this horrible disease, she had a lot of difficult moments at the end ofher life. Cancer can progress quickly and everybody realized it. For my client,it was quite difficult to accept her diagnosis. However, her family helped hera lot to overcome this demanding period of her life.

The family helped theclient to understand that cancer treatment is indispensable. Healthcareprofessionals and the family of my client prepared the client both physicallyand emotionally for this type of treatment. It should be mentioned thatfor family members it was an extremely challenging time because they had tochange their plans, routine, work schedule to adjust themselves to their dyingrelative needs. As I have noticed, they experienced grief and some sort ofdesperation since the client had been diagnosed with the incurable disease. Moreover, close relatives madeserious decisions for Mrs.

Petrova when she had become unable to articulatesound properly.  Due to the fact thatthey knew the client better, they worked in collaboration with other healthcareprofessionals and helped them to understand specific symptoms and cases of theclient’s illness. At the end of life, it was indispensable for the client thather relatives were close to her almost all, the time. In addition, it isimportant to mention that all family members who took part in taking care oftheir dying relative were in the role of both health care assistants and peoplewho receive all necessary emotional and psychological support from health careprofessionals. I also would like to say thatthe family members spoke a lot with the client.

It was necessary for them todiscuss all important issues within the family circle before the client’sdeath. Furthermore, my clients’ relatives were granted legal power to makehealthcare decisions when my client had difficulties to make her own choicesand express her own wishes and desires. The family members also paid alot of attention to the client’s spiritual needs and requirements. My clientwas a member of the Orthodox Church, thus, it was of paramount significance forthat that the Orthodox priest visited her and performed a religious ceremony.For that reason, the family organized it for her and it helped her a lot tostruggle and face a dying process.