As Brian M. Mazanec 2013). As technology becomes more

As the use of technologyincreases overtime, the use of the internet and cyber space is also rapidlyincreasing.

Cyber space is now a part of our daily lives from entertainment, bankingeven our social lives are dependent on the internet. This over use of theinternet comes with a price and that may come in the form of virus, worms,hacking and identity theft. The open use of cyber space has not just connectedthe entire world with speed and ease but has also left the world open tohackers and other individual out for their selfish motives.

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This paper will try to define what cyberwarfare and what are its impacts on modern society.Koblentz andMazanec have defined cyber warfare as ‘the use ofcomputer networks to disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information resident inenemy computers and computer networks, or the computers and networks themselves'(Gregory D. Koblentz & Brian M. Mazanec 2013). As technology becomes moreand more advanced so does the ability to conduct war. Criminals from around the globe have targeted bothgovernment and private networks to start information and cyber warfare which alsoentail attacks that are backed by political and military forces from around theglobe.We first saw the new dangers of modern weaponsin World War One, with the introduction of chemical weapons.

Then, in World WarTwo, we developed nuclear weapons that would destroy two entire cities. Today, in the war on terror, the United Stateshas developed military drones to strike terrorists without putting our soldiersin danger. The ability to conduct warfare via advanced technologicalmethods has contributed to an increase in information security awareness andthe need for one to protect an entities infrastructure. Subsequently, with the advent of cyber warfarethere has been and increased risk of threats and vulnerabilities to systemsthat hold or transmit data.The threat of acyber-attack on our nation’s infrastructure is now viewed by the majority ofAmerican’s as an imminent and credible one that demands greater resources andspending. A survey revealed that 92 percent of Americans agree cyber-attackspose a threat to public utilities, infrastructure and transportation and 60percent are in favor of increased government spending in defense of suchattacks.

Cyber warfare is viewed as an imminent threat in light of increasednews coverage of recent attacks. However, there is a divide amongst the peopleas to whether the corporations should be responsible for their own defense orif this is the governments’ responsibility (Americans Willing to Spend More toThwart Cyber Attacks: Survey, 2013, p. 1).