As as well. During my undergraduate research I found

As an ardent computer enthusiast, I would liketo pursue a career starting with a Masters degree leading to Ph.D. BMS1 inthe field of Computer Architecture andCompilers or Networking andDistributed Systems. My academic performance, brief exposure to research,tutoring opportunity and inquisitiveness BMS2 ledme to believe that I will thrive in the field I have mentioned above. At present I am in the process of finishingwriting my undergraduate thesis on the “Huffman Code” under the supervisionof Professor M.

Kaykobad. Arithmetic encryption and compression are nowthe most widely used techniques but the Huffman Code could achieve bothsimultaneously. I have proposed a new variant of the Huffman Code to be usedfor this purpose. However, the main problem with any Huffman Code is the hugeoverhead associated with sending the tree and symbols. Some excellent work hasalready been done to minimize bits associated with sending the tree by a goodfactor. I am exploring the properties of Huffman Tree for further minimizationof bits.

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I am also researching towards using Huffman Coding in public-keycryptosystems. Though disproved later, an algorithm like Knapsack was used inpublic cryptography. So it might be possible that other algorithmic systems canbe used for public-key cryptography as well. During my undergraduate research I found that Ihad to spend most of the time studying Cryptography and Number Theory insteadof conducting research. An in-depth knowledge in these subjects can only be gainedby further studies in an intellectually stimulating environment. My short butintense experiences as a C/C++ course instructor and research experience haveemboldened my aim to pursue career in academia/research. Thisis where I can quench my thirst in knowledge and help others to learn andeducate at the same time.

 During my undergraduate years at BUET, I was aleading member of a team that successfully carried out several course projects.We applied an innovative approach towards ALU design that used significantlyfewer gates than generally required. We also implemented a Metal detector(first of its kind implemented in our department) dealing in digitizingfrequency. I have also worked with similar ease individually. Though I was morecomfortable with Java at that time, I programmed in Visual C/C++ in a projectto get myself well acquainted with its tools and environment, and hence enhancemy skills.  I had to utilize the limited resources availablein the university to maximize the exposure and theoretical research was one ofthe best options that I could benefit at its maximum. I found theoretical workvery challenging and stimulating. Our department also has a very competitiveenvironment, so on and off campus we make an effort to excel our expertise.

Asa result I learned programming languages and accustomed myself to environmentslike ASP, Visual Studio, HTML and Linux beyond the course requirements. Iactively participated in programming contests and eagerly sought teaching jobsin the growing ICT field.  I have been alwaysfascinated by the way a computer works to transform a complex program code intoaction.

Both the computer architecture and the compiler classes were verycompelling to me.  But, some readingmaterials in the Internet made me realize that what we studied was very basicand primitive considering the robustness of these fields.  And even though new ideas are coined hereregularly there are many aspects to explore further in great detail. During therecent years many futuristic architectural improvements have been proposed tomake the computer serve us better. As a result novel strategies are alsoessential in compiler technology to adapt to new structure. With distributedand parallel computing, compilers need to be exploited beyond the traditionalapproach.  The ongoing research projectsin UIUC, related to Computer Architecture and Compilers, are verythrilling and innovative. I am following the development of some projects like GRACE,RSIM and PCL through the Internet.

 BMS1avoid using qualifiers like this  BMS2these wordings sound a bit awkward, you may replace these words with “inquisitiveness”