Are harsh on the skin. Some people’s skin can

Are all beauty products created equally?  There are thousands of skin-care products on the market and their effectiveness depends on its ingredients, person’s skin type, and the cost of the product.  There are many chemicals in skin care products that are effective.

 People have many different types of skin chemistry that the product must much.  Are beauty standards geared to Europeans verses that to minorities.  Studies have shown that the vast majority of beauty products were manufactured for caucasian persuasion.  Skin-care products are for the most part were manufactured for Europeans.  Minorities tend to use the product and receive reverse effect.  In contrast, some skin-care products are effective /non-effective because of chemicals, skin, or ingredients.  Skin-care products can be effective due to the chemicals in them.  Chemicals can be effective to the epidermis because they may be harsh on the skin.

 Some people’s skin can only handle so much to where the chemical of the product can cause the epidermis (outer layer skin) to burn.  Generally speaking, be sure to ask your dermatologist what they think is best for your skin. However, depending on what specific skin-care products you use, continue to use the products  if you have not developed any skin complications.

 If you decide to change your products be sure that it is right for you.  Do not get a product based off what another person uses.  That person might have a different type of skin than you have. Albeit, organic and natural products do not work better because it may not be really natural or organic.  Some cosmic companies might just use organic or natural in the product name to get more customers to go out and buy the item.

 Although you should research on the product you will want to know all the facts about it.  Of Course, it depends on the manufacturer.  Certain name brand products work different.  Whoever makes the product may put something that their skin is used to in the product and might not worry about what others skin can tolerate.

As a matter of fact, beauty standards are not geared to Europeans verses to minorities because mostly all beauty /skin-care products have been made just for the Europeans instead of the minorities.  Minorities just tend to have different skin than Europeans.  Not to mention, most of the beauty /skin-care product makers are made up of Europeans.  Therefore the minorities do not  get a shot at clear skin. Europeans are not the only ones who have beauty, minorities do too.  Even though their the only ones advertised for beauty /skin-care products does not mean they are more beautiful than minority. “Makeup is made for anyone, regardless gender, but mostly marketed for women. Women tend to get a very strong message that their value deeply depends on the attractiveness of makeup.

“( Clutch Magazine)1 “Combine those messages with toxic idea that only one white women are beautiful (so it’s my skin color that’s wrong, not the limited selection of foundation colors), and you can understand how damaging the beauty industry is for women of color.”(Johnson, Maisha Z) “African-American women are not social experiments.” ( Clutch Magazine)2 The creators of the product tend to advertise a product on African-American but it is a color that may not blend with their skin-tone. Then you look at the European side they have everything that goes with their complexion.  That is also going back to the skin-care products and how the are made more for Europeans verses to minorities.

Skin-care products specifically, such as Neutrogena products, people know that this product is a European product because, their skin clears, but on the African-American side they get the reverse effect causing the skin to break out. On the other hand, do not procrastinate about how the product does not work for the skin. There is always a product that is just right for you.

It takes time, but you may have to sample to find the right one. People procrastinate all the time about their skin, like how the skin is never going to clear up or how they look “ugly” because of the bumps in their face. People do prefer organic and natural products rather than products without organic and natural ingredients in them.  The reason they prefer to use those types of products is because of the words “organic and natural”. “Buying organic might be good for groceries but in other ways, for the skin, it can not be good.

“(Michelle Skelly)1 Many people compelled to use skin-care with ONLY organic and natural ingredients(Michelle Skelly)2. Even though “organic” may sound good it always does not.It is only good to use organic and natural products if they are safe and effective.

This goes back to using chemicals. Organic and natural skin-care products also have chemicals that are not good for the skin. Some chemicals in those products can cause a bacterial infection, in the face or all over where the product is used. “Therefore the fruit in the product is toxic because the product altogether has chemicals in it.” (Michelle Skelly)3It is important to understand and be aware of organic and natural skin-care product labeling.

Product labeling is important because something on that product may not be right. Then you might want to ask the pharmacist in that department if that is a very good product for your type of skin. “Another reason is that it is difficult to create products that will stay blended and preserved with without using proven chemicals to maintain bacteria-free products.” (Michelle Skelly)4. One should look into the prices because the price may be but that increases the chances of the product not to work.It is okay to use organic and natural products only if they are safe. Safe and effective is key.

Bacterial contamination is natural but not a chemical but that is something you do not want on your skin(Michelle Skelly). Fruits like bananas are natural but they are not as much effective to the skin.  Furthermore, thinking in terms as organic vs.

natural when it comes skin it is better to do research on the product.Keep your skin-care products effective(working). It is a good thing to keep your products working because it helps the ingredients get into your pores.

Using lukewarm water helps the pores open up. Using cold water close up the pores.  Otherwise, remove dead skin (if any).  Dead skin can get in the way of the improvement of your skin.  Not to mention, you may not even know that the dead skin is on your face because you are rarely paying attention.

Furthermore, you want to go in order when applying the product to the face. Even if it is just one still go in order, it will generally help with the skin clearing up even more. Coming up with a daily routine is so much easy instead of just using the skin-care product whenever you think it should be applied. The routine can be very simple, such as apply products to “just-washed skin”. Another good tip is to use the tips of fingers. Your hand may not be too clean and it can add more bacteria to the skin more than whatever it already has in it.  As the effect of a rough towel can affect the skin too.  Nevertheless, you always want to use a soft towel.

By the same token, “washing your face properly is so important because you have to be gentle, not rough.” (KidsHealth) Being rough to your epidermis can cause it to get even worst. Not just chemicals can damage the face but you can damage it too. Your epidermis protects you so, why not protect your epidermis.  Likewise, the epidermis is very sensitive. So be careful to how you treat your skin and never let others tough in your face.

People may not know that pat drying the face helps. Instead of just wiping and leaving marks or making the face, even more, worse than what it is. Just be gentle and take your time making sure your skin is very dry and do not rush the process.Avoid the ingredients that are toxic to the skin.

Something’s cause the skin the actually to peel off. You do not want that. Your face is something that you should cherish. Stay away from fragrance skin-care products, even though they may smell good does not mean it is a good product to use around the face area. One ingredient you should stay away from is Triclosan.

Triclosan is widely used as an anecdotal chemical that is known as an endocrine disruptor. Another fact about Triclosan is that it is more effective than plain soap. It actually causes an illness. The side effects of this chemical is weakness in the immune system , uncontrolled cell growth, and Thyroid hormone signaling.Another ingredient you do not want in your body is Formaldehyde. “Formaldehyde is a highly toxic systemic poison that is absorbed well by inhalation.”( 5 Ingredients You Don’t Want Near Your Face)  This chemical can also cause skin irritation and burn.

Some side effects of this chemical are burning in the eyes, throat, coughing, and skin irritation. Also it may cause dizziness or suffocation.Taking care of the skin should be a priority.

The reasoning is because your skin is your best friend. You do not want to walk around with your skin looking bad. Either do you want people talking about your skin. Also it is very important One way of taking care of your skin is to keep it clean.

Keeping the hands clean is also important. If your hands are not clean it spreads germs on all other parts of the body. When washing hands use warm water to get all germs off. Also you would want to use warm water when taking a shower or bath. Be sure to use a gentle soap so that your skin would not be rough when coming out of the shower or bath. Also when showering or bathing get underneath the arms and behind ears. All parts need attention especially the face as you enter puberty and the skin on your face gets more oily.

“It is always to wash your face once or twice a day with warm water and a mild cleanser.”(Rupal Christine)The heart, stomach, and the brain are organs so is the skin. The skin is the largest organ in your body. It is still easy to take your skin for granted. Your skin has a very important job to do , it protects you. It can also protect you from getting sick.

Although this is a false statement it depends on your immune system. The immune system depends on if you get sick or not. Your skin type can be oily, normal, dry, combination, or sensitive.

Skin can change over time, Younger people are most likely to have a normal skin type then older people. You will know the difference between the kinds of skin. One way of knowing is depending on how much is water is in the skin. Also how oily it is, effects the softness. Lastly, how sensitive it is.Normal skin is the good kind of skin.

This is because it is not to dry, not to oily. Another thing about normal skin is that it does not cause sensitivity, barely visible pores. Most likely normal skin is something that younger people would most likely have then older people. Younger people’s skin is more is more fresher than older people.Dry skin is not a good type to have. Dry skin makes you have to use all types of lotions and moisturizers. Ways dry skin can be caused or get worse are by bad genes.

Genes play a major role for the skin. If your genes are not good that means your skin would not be clean, anything would not be clean. Another thing is long hot baths or showers. Taking hot long showers or baths can mess up your skin badly. Steps you can use to help your dry skin is to take shorter showers or baths, use mild or gentle soaps or cleanser very important for the face. More steps are not to scrub when bathing or drying. Lastly, avoid heat temperatures in closed doors, such as an house or car.Oily skin is in the middle but just has to much of oil in the skin.

Oily skin can change over the year due to the weather. Things that can cause or can make the oily skin worse is stress, heat, a lot of humidity. Ways to take care of oily skin is to wash your face more than once or twice a day. Do not pick or pop pimples.

Lastly, use a gentle cleanser do not scrub face always pat dry(what’s your skin type?).Product pricing can be the worst. All skin-care products can be very expensive, but do they really work? Just because the product is very high in price does not mean it works well in quality.

The makers of the product may just put the product on sell for a higher price because it has a big market size. Even though the price is high the customer would want to buy the skin-care product because they think it works very well.The market-size is depending on how big or small the skin-care product or any product is in stores. You will know if the product is big in market-size if it is name brand or if it cells very fast out of stores. If the product is low it is because  it is the the store brand and it does not cell as well as the name brand. This tells the maker what they have to do to make the product more effective enough for the customer to want to buy it.

Another important thing is the composition of the product. This means the nature of the ingredients, what is in it and what does it do. That is also a major impact on the product towards the the buyer of the product.The buyer’s standpoint is so important to the makers. The buyer is the key.

They decide if they should get the product or not. The buyer, go for the cheapest thing in stores, They love everything for the low. The thing is they can not have it their way, and they would want to buy the product because they think it will be best for their skin and i would not break out the skin. That is where they are wrong.The ideal price is the lowest.

Certain stores you go to may have different prices for the same product. Some stores may be low some may be a couple more dollars expensive. The reasoning is that the store is trying to make a better profit than another store. Basically a rip off. That is not the right thing to do, but the skin-care product may be worth more on its own than at the store. This is why you see less people buying the product because it is to high and it may not really work.Before you want to try a new product be sure to ask your doctor.

You just do not want to get a new skin-care product and than you break out. Get in contact with your doctor first before any switch of face care products. The doctor is the one who knows best about how much your skin  can take. You can also look for the label that says ” Dermatology Recommended” These are the best ones. Choose the best moisturizers that is good for your skin. Apply moisturizers to skin after showers or baths. So that your skin can stay moist through the night .

Also you can apply it in the morning when you wake up. The expensive moisturizers are not always the best. This  is why you choose carefully about what you get.Being unsure about a product can be understanding. Research would be your best option to find out about what ingredients or what harsh chemicals do to your skin. You can also research how good does the product really works or look at the bad reviews.

Research also help you find better products than what you have already found.  Are beauty products more for Europeans than minorities. Skin care products are effective than others because of the ingredients. Most beauty products are mostly made for the Europeans. People would prefer products with organic or natural ingredients than without those ingredients because they might think it’s healthy for the skin. Come up with an daily routine for your product so it can be effective. Be nice to your skin because it protects you.

There are many different types of skins in the world that only can adopt to certain skin care products. Always avoid toxic ingredients. Get an understanding of what types of ingredients are in the product. The highest product may not be the best product. Be sure to make sure you may not get allergies from the item you may have bought.

Ask your doctor if the product is good to use choose the right moisturizers.