Anything is always the right mind-set and I agree

Anything to do with architecture started to catch my attention the day I started working on site, in a construction company. Being passionate about something is always the right mind-set and I agree because I have always exceeded above the desired outcome whenever there is a strong feeling of enthusiasm inside me. Having a mind-set on creating, exploring and enhancing the performance of buildings around the world and to dispense a better surrounding is what I value most. At the age of 15, I was involved in the making of a two-story building extension, from a paper plan. Seeing it gradually building step by step demanding a lot of specialists, teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills is what intrigued me most. Additional activities haveallowed me to already accomplish some skills which I can confidently say I adhere not only physically but mentally. Designing has always been an avidity of mine, which is what drove me to pick art related subjects. Art, Product-design and Maths work well together when preparing to study architecture.Art has increased my creativity through studies of different artists and testing with a wide range of mediums. It has allowed me to become more confident, take on challenges and to always have the tendency of exploring something new. Absorbing techniques and different style of work allows me to imagine outstanding solutions and come up with very unique and interesting ideas. In Art anything is possible but forming it in real life gets challenging. Via studying Product design, I have acquired a variety of ways to solve a problem. Through studying Product-design it allowed me to work with a real client where this further gave me an insight to, share, improve and develop by testing physically with real material and making a real product which was then displayed by the client. The nature of the Architecture course is frankly quite similar to Product-design which I believe already gives me an advantage. Maths makes it easy and comfortable for me to work with numerical digits and shows I can make precise measurements to ensure that my design is durable. To expand my interest further, I attended one week of summer school in July 2017 at London Metropolitan university and another week at Hawkins Brown. During my time there, I learnt different sketching methods and working with different median’s everyday really pushed me out of my comfort zone. The whole point of trying different techniques and producing a completed version by the end of the day was to help us with managing our time and being consistent. By communicating with different current applicants, has enhanced my understanding about what studying in Architecture actually entails. Designing a house for a functional character of my choice on a work experience placement at Hawkins Brown in October 2017 gave me a taste of the design process that architects embark. My scenario was to design a house between a large motorway and a canal. Before I started designing, I thought of all the factors that will need to be taken into consideration such as, accessibility, needs of the clients and so on. Alongside designing, I had many discussions with people in the firm about their experience of university life and working in architecture practice. Outside of my academic studies, I participate in football and have taken part in the National Citizen Service. My enthusiasm for football has inspired me to do one week of work experience in a sports complex called London tigers, where I performed a variety of tasks from cleaning all the way to admin work and due to my dedication I was lucky enough to get offered six-week voluntary work from London Tigers. Currently I have been promoted to acoach at London Tigers which is what my discipline, commitment and achieving higher has led to. Lastly, achieving eternity is the most important part in architecture, something that stays forever and at the end of the day we are only mentioned by what we leave behind.