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Anyone who watches movies knows about the horrorgenre it is iconic. Who does not want to sit down and relax to a movie thatgets you on your feet. Watching someone breath heavily and run tirelessly awayfrom the psychotic killer with a chainsaw or waking up from an unconscioussleep and forced to play a game to survive is oddly satisfying. Through the bigscreen we see people constantly risking their life to get away from thepsychopath killer which has made the horror genre a staple in oursociety.

I love watching horror films, I get a sense that I am actually insidethe movie trying desperately to find out who the slaughterer is and at the sametime trying not to die. Horror films are all about the mystery, and knowing theunknown. Horror films often aim to evoke viewers nightmares, fears, revulsions and terror.Plots within the horror genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force into the everyday world. Watching a group of lone survivors, somuch that I already know that this kind of slasher situations, can only happenin the exaggerated world of horror films.

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So, in this highly dramatized genrethere are certain types of men and women in horror movies that are notwhatsoever represented in the real world.            Thenon-believers are the people who often have an explanation for everythingsuspicious. Most of the time these non-believers are authority figures like thepolice officers who don’t believe and usually like to abuse their powers forarresting the person. That is actually trying to help find the serial killerbut gets put in jail. They refuse to acknowledge the victim’s testimony.Non-believers frustrate the victims and impede the process of the heroes tryingto uncover the mystery behind the masked menace. However, at the end of thefilm these authoritarian figures often see their ways though, but most of thetime they are not usually there to see the light of day.

            TheJock/Jerk are usually people attached to one of the film’s main characters assome sort of dysfunctional relationship. They frequently bash with anyone thatgets in his or her way, or disagrees with almost everyone around them,alienating themselves from the rest of the group. This is typically theirultimate flaw which leads them to their demise by the killer.            Minoritiesin the horror genre have suffered for decades as victims with very few actuallymaking it to the end credits alive. These people of color are simply there todiversify the cast and increase the body count, they may not always die firstbut for the black person death is almost certain in the world of the hauntingand the feared horror genre.            The bestfriends are there to provide moral support for the films protagonist. Theycould also be romantically involved with the protagonist and also serve as thefew survivors of the killer’s attack or easily end up a victim. Usually as aresult of a heroic final stand so the hero can attain the upper hand over thekiller.

             Inhorror films if you had sex during the movie you would be the next victim onthe psychotic killers list. “First, within-gender comparisons revealed thatfemale characters involved in sexual activity were significantly less likely tosurvive as compared to those female characters that were not involved in anysexual activity.” (Welsh).She is there to provide the slasher an exploitation in horror films with theirexpected amount of nudity and unfortunately rarely ever making it to the end ofthe film.

             Thefinal person is almost positively going to be the female main character, she isone of the most defining tropes of classic horror. She is there to representthe pure or otherwise wholesome main character that faces off with the killerin a climactic battle. “Since the 1970s, the ‘slasher’ movie, with its violencetowards women and the surviving ‘final girl’, has been a constant presence inthe horror genre to the delight of some and the perplexed dismay of others.”(Miller). The final girl is often aided by her love interest or best friend andis usually successful barring of course any last second sequel teases by the filmmakers.”The final girl is usually innocent, and shy in the beginning of the film. Inthe end, she is revealed to be the most intelligent and resourceful characterand usually finds the strength to defeat the killer.” (Loggie).

The final girlis also a character that is often brought back for those sequels althoughhistory has shown that even these brave resourceful women end up falling to thekiller’s knives or chainsaws of the world eventually.            However, people in the horror genre could be depicted as an actualperson in the real world. In the news, we constantly view people of colorconstantly being killed through first degree intentions or negligenceespecially at the hands of the police. Minorities in today’s world are the mostoppressed victims. Especially in horror films, people of color almost certainlynever make it till the end. We should praise movies such as Get Out, that tackle these injusticesand give a new perspective in the eye of a minority.             Serialkillers in horror flicks usually target young teenagers for revenge. They areseen as mysterious dark hooded figures that can only be unfolded by the end ofthe movie by the protagonists of the film.

Typically, at the cost of peoplebecoming slaughtered or shot at, mainly just death by the hands of thepsychotic killer. Through the big screen we see a variety of people face offthe killer like the jocks, the best friend, and the promiscuous girl. “Slasherfilms in particular may be seen as teenage morality plays in which thepromiscuous teens are slashed, usually by psychopaths with ‘mommy issues”(Friedman).  However not all of thesecharacters are truly depicted as real people in the physical world they aremade up to emphasize the plot of the film and to make the audience more deeplyinvolved. So, in the end the characterizations of these people are made up tobring depth into horror flicks.