ANSWER collaboration and its importance in Criminal Justice System.

ANSWERThecriminal justice system in America is complex and rooted in difficult socialissues. As a result, Criminal Justice professionals are required to providesolutions that hold offenders accountable and diminish criminal behavior. Thispaper discusses the core principles of collaboration and its importance inCriminal Justice System.Tobegin with, collaboration involves working together to achieve a common goalthat is not achievable without the joint efforts of others.

The core principle ofcollaboration involves coordination, communication and cooperation.  In short, the basis of collaboration involvesshared commitment through realization of goals and outcomes. However,collaboration is more complex because it expects individuals and agencies togive up their autonomy and accept to share information and resources.  Most important, when relating tocollaboration, it is crucial to acknowledge the power and status outside theirteam but members are held accountable. TheAmerican Criminal Justice System embraces a philosophy of separation of powersand adversarial criminal justice system. As such, criminal justice agencies inAmerica have not shared common problems or collaborated to solve and sharecommon grounds. Collaboration is extremely important because it guides everysingle part of the criminal justice system to effectively achieve its goals,sanctions and system of sanctions.

The American Criminal Justice system iscomplex and fragmented so to get it right, a collaborative problem solvingprocess is set up to meet and overcome the challenges. The challenges areenormous and in order to respond to it, collaboration among key leaders isessential to deliver safety and justice. It is not possible to move forwardwithout collaboration. Most jurisdictions facing difficult challenges havediscovered a better approach, that is collaboration.InAmerican Criminal Justice, the system leaders are drawn from different branchesof the government, political parties and different agencies. Because of thedifferent responsibilities that resides in the system makes collaborationessential. Their mutual responsibility is to identify goals in the system,address issues related to the system by applying their collective wisdom,experiences and perspectives to better deliver public safety and justice.

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