Another which is devoid of human emotion and rationale.

reason against the use of deception detection techniques in courtrooms is the
effects that would arise from the continued overreliance on technology. A
possibility exists that with time, technologies such as fMRI have the potential
of taking over the legal process thereby repressing valuable aspects of the
process which relate to human behavior as opposed to technology. The use of fMRI
would result in a pure fact finding mission which would not address issues such
as what the reasonable man in law would have done. An example is the
distinction between murder and manslaughter. Such distinctions could be overridden
by neuroimaging as a guilty person could be convicted without a thorough
assessment of the role that their guilt plays in their acceptance or denial of
the charges. Moreover, with time, an overreliance in fMRI would potentially
render juries and judges as inconsequential in the legal process thereby
subjecting individuals to technological assessment which is devoid of human
emotion and rationale.