Another advertising on social media are far less than

Another benefit of
advertising via social media is that the marketing costs decrease dramatically.
The cost of advertising on social media are far less than traditional methods
of advertising such as commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, radio
commercials, and billboards. To sign up and create a social media page is
typically free of cost. If a company chooses to pay for promotions via social
media, the costs are relatively inexpensive. This means that there is a lot more
potential for revenue growth and losses are far less financially harmful. Marketers
are also able to save money because for typical marketing methods require marketers
to have specialized skills. This entails extensive and expensive trainings that
are not quite as necessary for marketing through social media. The minimal time
required for marketing on social media is also optimal for marketers. An
article in Forbes states that “84% of marketers found as little as six hours of
effort per week was enough to generate increased traffic” (DeMers). Therefore,
marketers are not investing large amounts of time, so the potential losses are
also minimal. According to Lauren Simonds of TIME, “Social media users who
tracked their Return on Investment (ROI), 76% saw a positive return from social
media efforts.” That means that more than three quarters of the businesses who
invested time and money in social network marketing benefitted from their efforts.

Showing excellence
in customer service is something that is important to all companies. Social
media acts as a platform for companies to deliver and prove their level of customer
service to their clientele. Whereas, many years ago, when you had to call to
speak to a representative, social media creates a direct line of communication
between a business and its consumers. It allows them to speak directly with brand
users and immediately address both positive feedback and negative issues. Companies
can quickly share a consumer’s positive post about their brand, retweet on
twitter and thank them for sharing their positive feedback. As far as negative comments
and feedback, social networking allows companies to quickly address and resolve
any issue and get in contact with the unhappy customers immediately. Companies
can do their best to resolve issues so that people can see that making their
customers happy is one of their main priorities. They have the ability to
acknowledge and personalize each separate comment with an individual response to
each of their customers. Rather than just having a broad automated response
that is sent to each customer, this allows the company to show its
attentiveness to each customer’s specific concern. It also shows the company’s
compassion for their customers and created a positive brand name for

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Social media makes
everything move faster. In turn, it allows for companies increase their speed of
communication. Social media users always want to keep up with the latest and
greatest news and information. Social media allows marketers to share fresh
content instantaneously with its users. Consistency is crucial. Visitors are
much more likely to return to the page if they can anticipate that the brand
will have added something new (Tierney et al. 6). This is an advantage to
marketers because typical methods of marketing involve a lot of time and effort
before they can share the content with their audience. Social networks allow companies
to instantly execute their campaign and share it with millions of people, all
over the world, with just one click of the mouse. Unlike traditional methods of
advertising, when marketing on social media, marketers can quickly alter the content
of their message. With traditional methods, once the campaign is released into
the world, it is unable to be changed.

The greatest part
of social media, for marketers, the millions of millennials who are constantly
tuned in to the various forms of social media. Throughout the past decade, millennials
have completely integrated themselves into the technological world. This
creates a prime opportunity for marketers to target their age group. Social
media’s influence over their purchase decision has become so strong and
powerful. According to Jimmy Rohampton, Millennials, compared to any other
generation, are three times more likely to turn to social media to make a purchase
decision. Millennials have an immense amount of influence on one another, and
strongly value the input that they receive from their peers. Because of this,
they have such a vast influence on marketing throughout social media. Millennials
are known to be some of the most brand loyal customers. According to Meredith
Verdone, millennials spend about $1.3 trillion every year. This makes them the highest
spending generation recorded in the United States (Verdone). Millennials will
be expected to eventually consume the entire marketplace. Brand engagement and
peer discussion are the keys that marketers need to make their brands memorable
on social media. Focusing on these factors is what marketers need for their
campaigns to stick in the minds of millennials.

“Social networks
have breathed new life into the way companies build brands, promote products,
spread adoption and engage with current and potential customers” (Tierney et
al. 1). Marketing through social media, in 2017, is the new way of the world.
There is no expectancy that this growing trend is going to end any time soon.
Therefor it is favorable for businesses to get involved with the growing trend.
The ability to instantly connect with customers both new and old, along with
the power to prove a company’s compassion for its customers make social media
such a remarkable and powerful marketing tool in the world of business. The
decrease in marketing costs and time and the increasing connection between millennials
and their favorite brands on social media are also beneficial to businesses. Inevitably,
whether businesses and consumers are ready for a revalorized, technology
dominated world, social media is and will continue to be the way of the future.