and War I were to bring peace and democracy

and learning from his uncle about psychoanalysis he was able
to create advertisements and brand for different products. He also helped Woodrow
Wilson (American President) administration to promote that US efforts in World
War I were to bring peace and democracy to Europe (Gunderman,

 The findings of the
research/study are shown in two sections Cluster Analysis and MANOVA between
Four Clusters on Prestige Sensitivity and Fashion Consciousness. In Cluster
Analysis the researchers conduct hierarchical cluster analysis using method on
100 randomly selected samples from the obtained data. The Cluster analysis
divides the participants according to their shopping personality.

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Cluster 1: Traditionalists

Cluster 2:Positivists

Cluster 3: Anxious

Cluster 4:Achivers

Part two, MANOVA  the findings
of the cluster analysis are further studied according to the respect of
prestige sensitivity and fashion consciousness.

In essay one the authors have collected the data using
interviews from the prisoners using interviews and using the prisoners to
interview the other prisoners about the problems that they are facing. Ib the
beginning the researchers were just building rapport with the prisoners just so
that they can get data from them then later on the there is a change in the way
the researcher are describing the prisoners. Instead of just treating the
prisoners as commodities they started treating them as human who require basic
needs fulfilled. According to the researchers the prison system has become more
of a business rather than a correction institution where the prisoners are low
paid slaves. This effects the personality and the destruction of once self, due
to the dehumanizing practice by the prison. The research was carried out in a
controlled environment, it’s very difficult to transfer the same research into
other prisons as the population of the prisoners will be different compared to
the current prison.

Similarly, in essay two the researcher used
self-administrated questionnaires to collect the data from the students.
Although the research was carried out using a diverse group coming from
different backgrounds there is no valid comparison between the ethnic culture
between them, the only connection between them is that they are students. This
research could be replicated using the larger sample of individuals coming from
various cultures and income backgrounds.

When comparing the two essays we can observer that both
essay deals with the personality of different individuals in comparison when
they are at a prison and when they are at the university. The changes that one
can see in men when they are living in a restricted environment, with limited number
of products for consumption. The constant dehumanizing treatment by the prison
system, leads the men towards the other crime and consumption of alcohol or
drugs so that they can regain a sense of humanness. When it comes to customer
preference for brands completely depends upon the self-image that they have of

Qualitative research is primarily research done
in context of examination, its done to gain the understanding of a reason or
options. It’s done with typical small size of respondents. Quantitative
research is used to under the problem using the collected numeric data and use
as statistics. This research is carried out on a large scale as it requires a
lot of data for statistics. Both research does follow the standard good
practice of the research. But the problem a rise when both researches cannot be