An one of them pulled out his short hand-held

An Incident I will Never ForgetIt is still vivid in my mind – a Saturday afternoon, lastyear, when I had visited my grandfather in Manhattan. Life was so good there, mygrandfather and I ambling through the fields all day. I did this over theholidays, and my visits to my grandfather only served to strengthen our bond. Oneday, as a gesture of profound affection, he gave me a precious jewel – a goldlocket with a diamond in the middle. I was thrilled and immediately wore it onthe chain around my neck.Towards the end of my holiday, on a Saturday afternoon, myfriend, Peterson visited me. We sat together reminiscing about the good timeswe spent together and he filled me in on many stories about Manhattan. Ataround 3 pm, he told me that he wanted to introduce me to his girlfriend wholived a few miles away from my grandfather’s homestead.

Having time on myhands, I agreed, and off we went to meet her. This turned out to be a pleasantsurprise because Peterson’s girlfriend was my childhood friend! At first, I didnot recognize Jenny; she had grown tall, and was without her spectacles, butshe recognized me from a distance and running towards me, took me in a warmembrace. The visit turned into one of sheer joy, with us three friends baskingin each other’s company.However, things turned sour on my way back to mygrandfather’s house.  I was walking aloneand two youngsters, disguised with dark glasses and hats almost covering theirfaces, walked past me hurriedly, and after a few meters, they stood as thoughthey were confused. They approached me and started asking for directions. BeforeI knew what was happening, one of them pulled out his short hand-held gun andput it against my chest.

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I could not believe this was happening to me. Theypushed me to the ground and I thought it was the end of my life. At once, Iremembered my grandfather and hoped he would come to my rescue.

No help wasforthcoming!I did not resist. Effortlessly, they grabbed my chain andlocket and disappeared. When I gathered my wits about me, I realized that they hadalso taken away my phone and wallet.

I felt so weak after this incident, andlucky that I was not injured. When I reflected on everything, I realized that Idid not take precaution. I had myself to blame. I walked to my grandfather’shomestead, and related the incident to him. Instead of being angry that I hadlost the precious locket, he consoled me. I apologized that I had lost such atreasure and he promised me that he would get to the bottom of it, and immediatelyreported the matter to the authorities.

Weeks later, I was called to the police station to identifymy jewel, as someone was caught trying to sell it in the market. Imagine myshock when I learnt that the culprits behind the incident were Peterson andJenny, who had set up the two youngsters to rob me! I later got to know thatthey were both in debt and were in need of easy money to see them through.Needless to say, I was thrilled to get back my belongings,especially the locket, but the incident left me with a feeling ofdisillusionment. How much value should we place on friendship? Does monetarygain take precedence over all the values that you have imbibed?