Amy pursue an MSW and LCSW. Explain your reason

Amy RieckenMSW Statement of PurposeDiscuss why you are interested in obtaining an MSW. I am interested in obtaining an MSW for many reasons.  The reason that is closest to my heart is that my youngest son was impacted by encountering an LCSW at a Child Advocacy Center.   Koen experienced a traumatic event at school that led to a referral to CrossRoads Child Advocacy Center in Burlington, NC. As a mom, I had no idea what to do, how to help him through the experience or to cope with my own grief and anger from the loss of his innocence.

 The entire time Koen was engaged with the CAC the clinical social worker exemplified the core values of the profession.  She gave him space to talk, cope and deal with his feelings. She reassured, encouraged and empowered me as a mom.  After several visits, she felt Koen had adequately dealt with the experience and was confident that he was going to be okay.  She gave me the courage and confidence to move forward. Looking back on this experience, although just several hours in her career, the encounter has had a lasting impact on our family.  Although Koen nor I could pick her out of a crowd at this point, what she did for our family was so important and the effects have been lasting.  I want to gain the skills to serve others in the way that this social worker served our family.

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 Seeing the impact that an early intervention can make in the life of a child has inspired me to return to school and pursue an MSW and LCSW. Explain your reason for seeking admission to UNC Charlotte MSW Program specifically. I am seeking admission to the UNCC MSW program because of the wonderful experience I had in the BSW program at UNCC. I felt supported by the instructors and was given ample opportunities to practice what I learned. I felt confident and ready to work when I graduated and have remained happily employed in challenging roles.

The diversity of the student body, opportunity to encounter unique perspectives and make friends from many different backgrounds stretched me as a person. UNC Charlotte is a rapidly growing and well respected research university that would lend credibility to my credentials. I am applying to the advanced standing program because I meet all of the criteria, will be able to focus completely on school without the stress of working and feel ready and capable to handle the demands of an accelerated program.  Lastly, UNCC has an amazing pass rate for the LCSW exam, something I plan to pursue after graduation.Describe your understanding of the social work profession and its core values. The social work profession is so diverse, possibly more so than any other profession.

 We promote and support individuals and community well being, accomplishing this at the micro, mezzo and macro system levels. Promoting and supporting individual and community well being is achieved best and most effectively when a social worker is filtering interventions and ideas through the NASW Code of Ethics and core values of the profession.  I see true benefit in the NASW Code of Ethics and core values of the profession, they have served as a plumbline for me as a professional.  I appreciate and value service above self, social justice and the importance of integrity and human relationships to name just a few.  Discuss an example of your experience working with diverse populations. During my BSW internship at Promise Resource Network I had the opportunity to work with diverse populations.  I learned so much during my internship, above all else, I learned that every person has a need to be heard, known and valued.

 One experience that I will never forget was working with a woman that I’ll call Brooke.  Brooke was in recovery and learning skills every day to live a new life.  As many people in recovery experience, Brooke was dealing with the effects on her body from the years of addiction.  Every tooth in her mouth had either fallen out or had a painful abscess from infection, she had Hepatitis C and several other serious medical issues that she had to face.  Brooke presented as boisterous, overly affectionate and needy.  After getting to know her and hear her story, I realized that she was in an enormous amount of pain from her teeth, embarrassed of her smile, fearful and needed the comfort of human connection.

 I listened and she prioritized her needs.  We began by finding a dentist that treated her infections, pulled her teeth and fitted her with beautiful dentures.  With her new smile, her confidence grew, she was able to deal with her health diagnosis and find a job.  Had I taken Brooke at face value, I would have missed an amazing opportunity of sitting beside her as she prioritized her needs, gained confidence and became empowered to change her life.  In this experience, I truly saw the role and importance of removing bias and seeing beyond the surface.  Discuss what you hope to learn about in the MSW program that you don’t already know.

I hope to build upon the strong foundation of my BSW education by gaining a deeper understanding of social work theory,  mental health assessment, policy and advocacy.  I  am interested in expanding the knowledge and skills I have working with individuals, families, communities and beyond.  Trauma, clinical practice and evaluation are interesting and important areas that I hope to touch on during the MSW program as well.