AmeronBy deathly silence.Tyrone slowly walked towards the bathroom.He opened

AmeronBy Adam FederspielPrologueTyrone was starting to get scared. His team was supposed to meet for a Pyroball practice, but no one showed up. At first he thought it was a prank, but he searched all around the vast, labyrinthine Academy, and he couldn’t find any of them. He had been trying to text them ever since his party, but no one responded.

He bumped into Adrian, Mason, and Ne Laa. Despite everything the Academy has been through, they still looked like their normal selves. Adrian had  “Hey, Tyrone!” Mason said.

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“Hey guys,” Tyrone said deadpan.”Is something the matter?” Ne Laa asked.”Oh, it’s nothing,” Tyrone said.”It doesn’t seem like it,” Adrian said.

“It’s just… my friends are missing, and I’m starting to get concerned…” Tyrone said.

“Where was the last place you saw them?” Ne Laa asked.”At my party…” Tyrone said.”Well, maybe they’re at your house?” Adrian asked.”Hmm… you might be right!” Tyrone said.

“Thanks!”Tyrone ran up to his room, down the plain stone hallways, to get some of his stuff he wanted to take home.Since I’m going to my house, I might as well take my books, Tyrone thought. Tyrone may have been a jock, but he was secretly a huge bookworm. He liked adventure books, funny books, but most of all he read books about explorers.His by far favorite were the books about the legendary explorer, Jack Dakana.

He read about his adventures, such as discovering the first plant of Ameron, a giant tree which he named the Yggdrasil, and travelling to other universes.He walked inside, only to find his room a mess. The floor was covered in dirty clothes, old books, and scuffed up Pyroball gear.”What the fuck?” Tyrone yelled.

“I just organized my room!”Suddenly, he heard a noise in the bathroom.”Huh? Who’s there?” Tyrone asked.There was a deathly silence.Tyrone slowly walked towards the bathroom.He opened the door, ready for a fight.

But no one was there.”Phew!” Tyrone thought. “I must be losing my mind.”A hand shot out from behind him and grabbed his neck.It threw him at the wall with superhuman strength.Tyrone looked up and saw who it was.”Surprised to see me?” Moone asked.”Moone?!” Tyrone said incredulously.”I heard you were looking for your friends,” Moone said.”Yeah, so?” Tyrone asked.”Would you like to see them?”Moone asked.”Yeah…””Well that… is wonderful…” Moone said.Moone laughed as he ran at Tyrone.Tyrone got out of the way, causing Moone to crash into the wall.”Get away from me!” Tyrone shouted.Tyrone tried to punch him in the face, but Moone fell back and sunk into his own shadow.What the hell?! Tyrone thought.Moone suddenly appeared behind him.He extended his arm and shot a shuriken at Tyrone, using a machine attached to his arm.Tyrone screamed in pain.”You’re lucky Magnus wants his test subjects alive, or else I would’ve shot you with one of my poisonous shurikens.” Moone said.Moone grabbed Tyrone, and disappeared into the shadows.Out of reach, and out of sight.