America’s and environmental standards 3. Aiming for gender equality

 America’s Objectives:1.     Improvethe exchange adjust in products, particularly2.     Increaseclarity to customs laws and regulatory implementation3.     Integratingimport/export/transport processes4.     Bymaking strong rules of origin & labor standards5.

     Theduties on digital products should be impose.6.      Build up arrangements ensuring broadcastcommunications benefits providers’ choice of innovation.7.

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     Reducing the barriersthat allows U.S. investment in all NAFTA partners.8.     Guaranteeprotection of intellectual property rights same as in U.S. law.

9.     By elimination orprevention of topic that relates to use of intellectual property rights. 10.

  Byadopting the WTO framework of decision to NAFTA countries that apply to standards,conformity assessment, transparency, and other areas.Canada’s Objectives:1.     Makingthe agreement more progressive by adjusting Chapter 112.

     Improvinglabor and environmental standards3.     Aimingfor gender equality provisions4.     Increaseprocurement and address “Buy American” rules.(U.S. News, 2017)5.

     Includingmeasures for anti-dumping6.     Reformingthe Investor-State Dispute Settlement process, to ensure that governments havean unassailable right to regulate in the public interest.(Government of Canada,2017)7.

      Protect Canadiancultural.8.     MakeNAFTA more progressive by adding  anIndigenous Chapter(Lexsage, 2017)9.     ImprovingNAFTA by removing compliance burdens for business people. 10.  Adjusting Chapter 16 “Temporary Entryfor Business Persons” to restrict Canadians from working temporally inU.S.  Mexico’s Objectives:1.

     Improvecompetition in North American Continent2.     Promotemore comprehensive provincial exchange3.     Modernizeenergy, digital and telecommunications services4.     Promote”certainty of trade and investment”.(U.S.

News, 2017)5.     Maintainagricultural approach6.      Promotegreater integration of North American labor markets.(VTZ,2017)7.

     Improving NAFTA’s disputeresolution mechanisms.8.     Aimingfor gender equality provisions9.

     Transparencyand Anticorruption disciplines.(VTZ,2017)10.  Improving E-Commerce