AMAZON satisfaction. who is among the first to

AMAZON INDIAINTRODUCTION:Amazon is one of the global online retailbusiness, started their journey as online book seller. Jeff Bezos is founder,he attracted towards growth of internet in early 1990s and started thisbusiness in Seattle in 1995. Amazon is now one of a large amount of money orassets five hundred company and it has base in several countries includingIndia. The success of Amazon can be attribute it’s an idea or thought thatcontinually preoccupies for customer satisfaction. Amazon.

com who is among thefirst to explore in e-commerce world in every aspect of the business is nowhaving three main business units North America, International and Amazon webservices. Amazon is now gearing upin India to play a vital role in grocery retail sector and have focus atdelivering customer needs.AMAZON INVESTMENT:·      2014: Amazon announces a US$2 billion investment in India·      2016: Amazon announces an additional US$3 billion investment in India·      2017: Between May and July 2017, Amazon had pumped in ?2,000crore (US$320 million) in India with ?130crore (US$21 million) pumped its payment arm Amazon Pay India. ·      In November 2017, Amazon pumped in another ?2,900crore (US$460 million) in the Indian arm.  AMAZONSEGMENTATION, TARGETING AND POSITIONING: ·      Segmentationinvolves dividing population into groups of certain characteristics.

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·      Targetingindicate the existence of choosing specific groups identified as a result ofsegmentation to sell a product. ·      Positioninginvolves to select the a combination of factors that can be controlled by acompany to influence consumers to purchase its product is the most suitable forthe target customer segment.PRODUCT:Amazon is one of the most importantecommerce a raised level in the world. Amazon sells all its products online, whichoffers different types of goods for consumers. Its experienced and enthusiasticprofessionals include everything from clothing to auto parts, toys to gadgets,home decor to health/beauty.It also started selling gadgets likee-book reader, kindle and fire tablets and smartphones. Amazon has otherservices like music, video and e-books is also one of the major correspondence’sis its sales. PRICE:Amazon has market leader and the activity ofstriving to gain something by establishing superiority over others on pricingstrategy in marketing mix.

It adjusts the prices frequently based on thecategory of product, days and season. Amazon also provides value added systemsupplying like Prime where users pays regularly some amount in advance chargesfor one-day delivery which early access to the deals.   PLACE:Amazon is a global mark with a brandingiron market across globe. All the consumers buy products and services from the webpages located under a single domain name and Apps. Once a customer places theorder, the distribution and products are especially with care and stored at requiredcentres.

They use the local postal services for the transports all packages. PROMOTION:Amazon major focus is on a communicationwith the users of a product or service through print ads in newspapers haveincreased becoming more and more rapid. Amazon uses creative televisioncommercials and social media marketing and targeting customers through online.PROCESS:The business technology to support itsdaily activities and also in its advertisements, serving the customer likeproviding the information about the location of his package. Its customerrelationship and information management are core to its business strategy.DISTRIBUTIONROLEAmazon which has biggest physical presenceis its website they are very user-friendly and built with great design. It haslogo which is very well similar appearance in a common with what Amazon standsfor, i.

e. an arrow from a to z which implies one can buy anything on Amazon. MARKETINGSHARE, SALE AND PROFITAs Flipkart settles down from the quality of beingfull of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness of its biggest capital-raise, itwould have to with excessive speed or urgency explore ways to regain momentumagainst its closest rival, Amazon India, reports Mugdha Variyar. AmazonIndia is still struggling to reduce losses.

Profit is still a dream!International loss increases up to 73%year-on-year to $936 million in the last quarter of 2017 – Amazon, which isinvesting heavily in areas such as digital payments, video and music content,and the amazon echo sound player smart home devices for its expansion in India.Amazon’s overall net sales jumped 34% to$43.7 billion and overall consolidated profit increased marginally from a yearago to $256 million.Overall, India’s ecommerce industry pastof grow at a slower pace in 2016-17 as online seller and retailers offered used toemphasize small a number of things is discounts and instead began focusing onfaster ways to the state of yielding profit or financial gain.COMPETITORS:AmazonWill Continue to Invest in India Regardless of What Competitors Are Doing: JeffWilkeAmazon: Busy Fuelling Its IndianSubsidiaries and Building Its Product Stack.

Offering discounts and other a thingthat motivates or encourages someone to do something on more expensive itemslike televisions, handsets and home appliances, helping it achieve bettermargins than rivals who paid more attention to volume. Amazoncompetitors are Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, Alibaba, Etc.  CHALLENGINGAND PROGRESS:Amazon India has been very much successfulin making the product or range of products in India, it is still facing be asign of a form of whist competition to gain the top an allotted place in anarrangement. With comparable to Flipkart now leading the seek to influencegroup Inditch against foreign players in India, the cause extreme anxiety hasincreased for foreign players like Amazon in India. HOWAMAZON INSIGHTS WORKSAmazon Insights is meant that sellers tosurvey customers about why they buy—or don’t buy—certain products. Amazontakes feedback from four types of respondents:1.

    customerswho purchased your products2.    customerswho viewed your products3.    customerswho viewed but did not buy4.

    customerswho bought something else in the same category on AmazonAMAZONINDIA REPORTS OVER 105% REVENUE GROWTH IN FY17As Per Its RoC Filings, Amazon SellerServices Posted A 41% Jump in Earning To $485.5 Mn Last FiscalAn ecommerce a thing with distinct andindependent existence would not permit more than 25% of the sales effectedthrough its market zone from one vendor or their group companies.Amazon’s growth has beenlargely driven by both existing and new customers, with key market share gainsin categories such as smartphones