AMANDEEP disabled students. In the end, I am trying

AMANDEEP SINGHPROFESSOR RUMI TAKAHASHIAENG 11014 DECEMBER 2017I chose students with an intellectual disability as my research topic. While researching on intellectual disabilities, I found few resources by different authors explaining about the intellectual disabilities. These resources are explaining about difficulties faced by intellectual disabled students and barriers they face while succeeding in their lives. Some resources also mentioned about the parents and teachers, “How they can contribute to disabled child lives in the best way?”. To change the perspective of people towards the disabled students, there are some solutions recommended by resources.

My primary goal in this paper to explain about intellectually disabled students lives and challenges a disabled people face.To achieve the main goal of paper, my paper has been divided into different parts. Every part has a different argument. Firstly you will read intellectual disability and different kinds of intellectual disabilities. Later you will find a brief explanation about programs started for beneficial of disabled students. Afterwards moving on the main argument the difficulties faced by intellectually disabled students in lives and financial issues for disabled students. In the end, I am trying to explain how teacher and parents can help disabled student to developINTELLECTUAL DISABILITYIntellectual disability is a disability that occurs in children before teenage.  People with this disability experience some difficulties in development in two main areas intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior.

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These disabilities make a little bit difficult for some people to succeed in conceptual, social and practical everyday living skills. Some people with intellectual disability are mildly affected, making the disability difficult to recognize without visual cues. Intellectual disability is diagnosed through the use of standardized tests of intelligence and adaptive behavior. Individuals with intellectual disabilities who are provided appropriate Personalized supports over a sustained period have improved life outcomes.

I found while researching in the field of intellectual disabilities that disabilities have been developed throughout the years. The other term used by IDEA for intellectually disabled students is the mental retardation. However many states today do not use this term “mental retardation.” Many people do not use the term mental retardation because students who were known to have “mental retardation” were put in special schools or kept at home.

As students with intellectual disabilities entered public schools and calling those students with term mental retardation is not right, It may affect their lives. Even I  Advocates that intellectual disability is a right term to use instead of “mental retardation” because it has a negative effect, and According to me, it can be offensive to some people. Moreover, we do not have right to misunderstanding disorder which effected someone because of nature. The nature of the disorder and those who have it.”In most situations, a learning disability is not readily observable. Because there are no outward signs of a disability such as a white cane or wheelchair, students with learning disabilities are often overlooked or misunderstood. Some instructors and administrators suspect that students who claim to have learning disabilities are faking it, are playing the system, or lack the intelligence needed to succeed in college.

Understanding the implications of learning disabilities, preparing to teach students with diverse characteristics, and learning to accommodate students with learning disabilities are essential for faculty and staff to provide academic and career opportunities for these students that are equivalent to those provided to their nondisabled peers.”Learning Disabilities and Functional LimitationsIn various resources, while researching, I noticed that students might be diagnosed with disabilities if their intelligence level is average or they have problems while studying. Most of time disabled student failed to achieve the academic success in school. The student diagnosed with a learning disability, they face a lot of issues in their academics.

Since this diagnosis                                                                                                                                 It is often difficult to find the specific learning disabilities because there are many types of learning disabilities among student. These disabilities often impact student abilities in one or more of the following categories like speaking, understanding, arithmetic, language, reasoning. Learning disabilities may also be present in student along with other disabilities such as sensory impairments, brain injuries, Attention Disorder. I am trying to explain some of the functional limitations that may require accommodations. A student with a learning disability may have one or more of these limitations.

In first disability in the student have difficulties while communicated in lectures or class discussions. Moreover, in visual disabilities students have a problem in focusing when multiple images are available, they usually skip words or repeat sections when reading. In other disabilities student not able to understand context or have difficulties in recalling the information during short or long time periods. While some students have a problem with speaking, writing spelling and in calculation too. They all seem ordinary in reality, but all difficulties students face a kind of disability.In article Intellectually disabled author mentioned about a program started by Syracuse University’s name InclusiveU program.

This program is for helping disabled students to succeed in their life. The inclusiveU program helps disabled students receive a chance to get a higher education and help them to get in internships. In my perspective promoting this kind of programs can give students a lot more help to succeed.

“Barriers to education can take a variety of forms. They can be physical, technological, systemic, financial, or attitudinal, or they can arise from an education provider’s failure to make available a needed accommodation promptly. The following appear to be the main barriers to educational service for students with disabilities”. In my opinion, Intellectually disabled students need lot resources and facilities to make them feel comfortable with other students in school and colleges.

But the questions arise can everyone afford to support the eduction of their intellectually disabled child. The one issue may disturb various people while that spending too much on disabled students, Is that after investing too much on their child education can help him to do something for his nation or their families, because sometimes due to circumstances disabled students not able to perform activities that normal human being efficiently perform. There are too many barriers that intellectually disabled students get while moving towards the success. Difficulties Individuals with disabilities face, they lacking in deciding because some disabled people don’t have the freedom to choose what doing in future as student or employee,  even they cannot decide with whom they live, where they reside. The one more major concern about the education of the disabled child, is that according to some programs after completing four years graduation disabled student received a certificate instead of the degree. According to me which is unfair for disabled students because disabled students need special resources for their comfort and good education. And due to that disabled students spend a lot more than the normal student, and after spending too much money still disable student do not get the good education as compared to the normal students. Getting certificate after completing education may create some difficulties for students to get a job.

  A disabled student usually enjoys when they live independently in their own homes. And to get their own homes, they go through a lot because of discrimination in society. The best way to create better lives and environment for disabled students, it is important to change the perspective of people among disabled students because it is important for disabled students to believe in them and if we don’t believe on them, it will be difficult for them to succeed with confidence.. “About one in five people seeking advice concerning debt problems from Citizens are disabled or have long-term health problems, and last year Citizens Advice helped more than 72,000 disabled people with debt issues.

” The financial problem is also arising because of disability, One main problem faced by a disabled person is lack of choice as compared to the non-disabled person. People with disabilities are facing unnecessary extra difficulties when trying to deal with their debt problems because creditors are failing to recognize their specific needs. While one more thing, I found that disabled people also face additional charges on top of their debt problems. They also face inconsistent communications from creditors. Some financial resources are so inappropriate they deal with disabled with such arrogance, and they do not treat hem well.  “The educational society claiming to be doing all that they can to help this population of students reach their full potential, but are they?”. The statement explains a lot of the educational resources for disabled students. Outcomes for a student with a disability after completing education are not good enough, because graduate students are not expected to be gainfully employed, live independently, be self-satisfied, and have a social life after completing education.

The reason behind that teaching resources failing to help the disabled student because the number of disabled students in higher education has been increasing in recent years, and due to that teaching them with full resources and also maintaining academic standards has become a crucial issue, because of that education system is lacking behind a lot.  The education resources are also failing to provide daily curriculum activities to a disabled student. And because of that disabled students are not able to succeed in social life. There are many perspectives that parents and families have about their disabled child. While researching, I found that many parents before their child is born to find out ways of helping them progress. “Most of the time parents talk to their doctors and some outside resources to get help for their children who are not even school aged and have some of the severe intellectual disabilities. However, parents who have students that are considered developmentally delayed and do not find out until they reach school”.

Responding to this argument, I found it is most important that parents should also participate with teachers and other resources to plan for their child’s education. Parent and teacher collaboration is an immense part of the education of students with disabilities. Giving all responsibilities to the teachers for their children life is unfair for teachers according to me. We all know that teachers have both the knowledge and the ability to teach special education to students with disabilities. Teacher doctors are helping students with disabilities to come out of loneliness, which means that most of the time disabled students are spending with resources and teachers only.   But according to me, Disabled students need Family involvement too in education or development planning for student success in education.

Even the smallest participation in their children education can show outstanding results in a student post-school outcomes. Even not only parents influential in planning for a child, but also extended family members, especially any siblings.