Albert family moved to Switzerland. After a while he

Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in Württemberg Germany. He is born to two secular, middle class jews. Six weeks after his birth, Einstein’s family moved to Munich and began his school career at Luidpoint Gymnasium. Einstein struggled in school, he felt alienated and struggled because of his teachers rugged style of teaching. He also had what was considered a speech impediment.

 As a child Einstein was fascinated by music (he pacticed the violin), science and mathematics. His family later moved to Italy and he continued his studies in Aarau Switzerland. He later dropped out of school in 1894 and he and his family moved to Switzerland. After a while he gained admission into the Swiss Polytechnic Institute in Zurich. He gave up his German citizenship to avoid the mandatory military service,and was stateles for 4 years, till he became a Swiss citizen in 1901. At his time in the institution he fell in love with a fellow student, Milerva Mari?.

Although his parents disapproved of the couple, and Albert not having enough money to marry, they still conceived an illegitimate daughter, born in the early months of 1902. Not having enough money to care for the child and maybe the shame they felt of her status, they put her up for adoption.. Einstein received a job working as a clerk at a Swiss patent office in Bern. He married Mari? in 1903 and they conceived 2 other children, Hans Albert (born in 1904) and Eduard (born in 1910).While Albert Einstein was alive the Conquest of Otto Von Bismarck was happening.

Also the Zulu War and the Spanish American War. The Indian Wars and both World Wars I and II In the year 1905, also known as “Annus Mirabilis”-his most miraculous year- Einstein published four major theoretical papers in the most prestigious german journal, Annalen Der Physik . The first paper is where he applied the quantum theory to light to try and explain the phenomenon, the photoelectric effect. The second paper included his experimental proof of the existence of atoms, in which he got by studying the Brownian motion, where tiny particles are suspended in water. And the third, most famous paper,  is where the first ever formulation of the famous equation, e=mc2.

He continued to work in the office till 1901 where he found a full time job at the University of Berlin. Where he is made the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics.1915 is when he published his general theory of relativity. It explained that gravity, along as motion, can affect space and time. Throughout his life, and after death, Einstein won a series of awards. The Nobel Prize in Physics, Franklin Medal, Honorary degree, Copley Medal, Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, Matteucci Medal, Max Planck Medal, and the Bernard Medal.

Albert Einstein died on April 18, 1955. Albert Einstein helps us out today by the simplest thing. He helps us get out of bed everyday. For his effects of relativity. Einstein’s work gives us the remote control, t.

v.s, and digital photos. Many scientist still work on his unfinished work. His work affects us daily.