Albert accomplished the riddle of the photoelectric effect which

Albert einstein was the smartest and the most famous scientist ever known. Albert was born on March 14,1879 in Ulm, Germany. He died years later on April 18, 1955 at Princeton Hospital with a burst aortic aneurysm. He came to America and did his famous work in Princeton, New Jersey. Scientists believe that he was most famous for his Theory of Relativity and his intelligence.He also was known for his famous equation E=mc squared which is mass-energy.Albert Einstein’s inventions and ideas benefited the whole world indeffinately. His work such as his invention of E=mc squared benefited the idea of nuclear actions like the atomic bomb that was dropped on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. He also accomplished his Theory of Relativity that is used today for any given motion of speed. He was also remembered by his accomplishment of getting the Nobel  Prize in Physics and was named Person of the Century.He also accomplished the riddle of the photoelectric effect which is used today in many new modern inventions all around the world.Einstein’s most famous, most historical invention he ever made was his Theory of Relativity that can be used to create nuclear bombs and so forth. Albert einstein was so famous for his smarts that when he died his brain was stolen and kept in a jar, they still have that jar today. Einstein was spied on by the FBI for many years because the FBI thought that Albert was a Soviet spy but their case came up empty until he died which filled his FBI file to 1,800 pages.One of Albert’s famous quotes is this, “Everybody is a genuis, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. – Albert Einstein. The Albert Einstein Mathematics Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem was named after einstein himself. They also named Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University, New York City after Einstein as well.