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After the end of week 3 with lots of newexperiences and lessons, we started the week with presentations on the topicswe chose from last week. Just like my first presentation, this time my partnerwas Daisy, a good student in class and I was still afraid to give a lecture.We have chosen the topic of how old is theearth, and whether our human being is destroying it? We agreed that we aredestroying it very seriously.

Earth has existed for a very long time, and it ishome to humans, animals, plants, all that exists to the present. But since thearrival of humans, the truth is that the earth is increasingly destroyed. A seriesof serious problems such as pollution of the water, soil, and air are shown byevents such as tarsus, epidemics, and some areas where there is no clean waterfor use.

warming up, rising sea levels, etc. The way to protect the earth fromthe damage is to reduce waste, recycle reusable items, plant more trees, etc.Before we give a presentation, we have carefully prepared and completed thepaper in order to address the current concern.

When you can understand how important theearth is, you will appreciate it. I think people on this earth, including thosein class, can understand this. They know what to do and what not to do, butthey do not know how to do it, because we still do not have the means to do it.Such as garbage sorting and recycling, they know it, they do it for a shorttime until they do not want to do it anymore. The more important thing is thatwhen people live in an environment and society is busy with their work, it isvery difficult to achieve environmental protection.

Some people just do notcare about it, and some people know it but they do not.The other parts of the other groups are asgood as the importance of losing weight, whether you believe the ghost is realor not, etc. I am very impressed with the presentation of the group Chi andTracy. They talk about the importance of weight loss and that as motivation canhelp me lose weight effectively.

Or Andrian and Rathi’s when they talk aboutghosts and virtually everyone believes that is true. In the lectures, perhapsAndrian’s group is doing their best because they are very well presented. At everypresentation, I feel they have a lot of confidence, speak loud and clear,provide almost enough information and can answer all the questions that ourteacher or we give. I hope my skills in the future will be able to confidently,talk fluently like them. Due to the fact that I am very poor at presenting orstanding in front of people to present one opinion.Today is a long day for all groups to beable to complete their presentations.

Although I and some groups are not goodyet, we always try to be able to deliver the best and best presentations. Asfor our presentations, it is hoped that this presentation will make people moreaware of the importance of protecting the environment and protecting the earth.Protecting the earth is good for humans, for every living thing on earth sothat we wish that there will be more and more concern over this issue so noregrets for bad things will happen in the future.