After speaking skills as I have a tendency to

After looking on how to improve my own speaking and listening skills, I have chosen three that would be applicable for me: Shadow meetings,Practice speaking and active listening skills and training(onsite courses).

Training (onsite course).From my own judgement I decided the best way to improve is to have a training course on site, as I then have to engage in conversation to improve my speaking skills and listening skills.The main thing that I do want to improve on that course is my speaking skills as I have a tendency to speak really fast so I can get it over and done with.

However a limitation of having an onsite course is that it is not in a business meeting setting so getting distracted is going to be a issue and not having the right people around you to improve your listening and communication skills because of those drawbacks the result of that would be a disadvantage for me as I would have not learned anything new from that course but If the course is good they will teach me the all things I need to know  how to communicate in a meeting in example: pace,pitch and tone are the main 3  and also for my listening skills I will learn how to give the right feedback to their points and  what you should take notes of and  my body language in example nodding eye contact etc.Shadow meeting.Shadow meetings are one  way to improve your listening and speaking skills, as you are watching people on how they use their body language, how they speak  and how they give feedback and and taking notes.The main objective I will be learning from shadow meetings are my listening and speaking skills but mainly listening as I am observing how fast they speak tone and pitch a and also how the rest of the group is reacting to it in example nodding eye contact not fidgeting with pens and paper and as a result of that it will majorly improve my skills but it has its limitation because it is a shadow meeting I cannot partake in the meeting so I can not improve my speaking  and listening skills.Practice speaking and active listening skills.By practicing these skills I can become really good at it that will benefit me in my next meeting one of things I can do is to take notes from when the 6 o’clock news is on.I can practise my speaking skills on a online course and also by socialising on how to speak in a certain tone pace or pitch and what  facial expression you should give while listening to someone else speaking in example eye contact,nodding  and  smiling.

Conclusion. After recommending and  discussing three possible ways to improve my listening and speaking skills, I have decided that a training on site course would be applicable for me as I need to improve my speaking skills as that would boost my confidence in  my next meeting.The first and most important point to consider is that a training on site course helps me to communicate in different tones pace and pitch and my listening skills as I have My judgement is that the best way to improve is because I am critical of myself and know my flaws and what I want to achieve by doing the on site course I can get those skills improved.

It is the most important point because whatever I want to achieve their it can be possible by doing that specific course.Therefore this would mean that I would improve those skills and become better at them so I can use those skills I would have learned. And as a result of doing the course I would become more confident to speak in different tones pace, pitch and my listening skills.

However, a limitation is that my listening skill has a slight chance to not  improve as their will be distraction in example laptops and phones but also my speaking skill as my training could be not speaking to me as I wanted and that would defeat the purpose of the course. And the alternative outcome could be that I would have not learned anything new from them as my  speaking and listening skill would have been affected if I were to be distracted instead of concentrating.However, by doing a shadow meeting the only thing that I would learn is that my listening skills would improve and my note taking but the disadvantage of that is that I can’t participate in the meeting so my speaking skills would not improve that is why I am not choosing this option. By practicing speaking and active listening skills will benefit me as that would build my confidence.

However, it is not in a working environment and a tutor can not point out what I need to improve so that would not work out for me as well than doing the onsite course.For this reasons, I believe that the best decision is to do a training course as that will give me the skills I need to succeed in a meeting and improve my flaws for example my listening,note taking and speaking skills.