After IS YOUR EXCUSE?” George tried stopping her from

After Robin’s night with a stranger, she decided to go home and rest for a while. As she rests inside her house, she said to herself that she’ll stop from partying for the mean time. Meanwhile Lucy and George continued to date each other.

But as time passes by, their love for each other slowly faded. Even though they’re engaged, the just simply can’t understand each other at times. Lucy felt that George isn’t the same anymore. He was being cold and dull. There are times that they fight because of misunderstandings about each other. George felt that he doesn’t love Lucy anymore. So she secretly dated someone without Lucy knowing it (obviously).

One time, they fought in an unusual dinner. Lucy accused that George was cheating on her, but George denied what Lucy is trying to prove to him. Lucy said in a loud manner, “ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?!” George replied, “Lucy no, and stop making a scene, we’re in a restaurant.” Lucy realized that when she looked around, she saw everyone looking at them and decided to stop what they’re doing. What George doesn’t know is Lucy caught him with his secret affair. But Lucy was still confused if she’ll confront George or not.

In the end, Lucy confronted George at the restaurant while they’re having their date. After eating at the restaurant, they continued to fight at their home. She felt that her situation with George is not right and she thought of stopping they’re relationship. She continued to confront him inside George’s house. At first, Lucy was calm. But as George denied the fact that he cheated on Lucy, knowing that they’re engaged.

Lucy went full berserk and threw things directly at George. While throwing stuffs at him, Lucy said “I SAW YOU WITH A GIRL THE OTHER DAY, WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?” George tried stopping her from destroying the whole house and after the confrontation, George confessed that he really cheated and said to Lucy “It’s true, I really cheated on you. I fell out of love. The spark was gone and all we do is fight. We had more time fighting each other instead of understanding each other.

” Lucy cried and was shocked of what George said. “I’m very sorry but I don’t love you anymore Lucy, things changed. I got choked up in our relationship because of our fights.” George said. Lucy was quiet and crying while George was explaining and apologizing to her, and suddenly she said to George “Let’s end all of this. Let’s call the wedding off.” She ran out of George’s house crying