After hatred all those emotions coming to them, the

Afterthe smoke cleared, injuries healed the Gladers find themselves outside thewalls of the giant maze that have trapped them for years. Pain, sorrow, hatredall those emotions coming to them, the near death experiences that have madethem who they are, surviving the maze is no easy task they finally made it outbut the death of their friends it is not a time to celebrate but also there isno time to mourn because the maze was only the beginning the real challengeslies aheadAfter two hours of driving the bus stops at adormitory like building. Inside the Gladers find bunk beds with blankets,bathrooms, and food. They finally feel safe.

Thomas drifts off to sleep feelingsome hope for the future.?Suddenly a woman comes up to the maze survivors with a man in ahood, “Who are YOU!” Minho screamed at the woman. The woman wassilent then gave Minho a questioning look and said “Who are you?”Minho was losing his temper “Don’t play games with me! I’m done withgames. Like your silly maze!” He yelled back. The woman simply grins”Game? no. It was a test, an experiment. You children are not evenplaying, you were simply our little lab rats.” She smirked.

Minho rantowards the woman as fast as he could. He pulled back and swung at the woman’sface, but the woman easily dodges He tried jabbing her but was only hittingair. The woman trips Minho placing her foot in his throat. “Don’t test me,or any of us. We could send grievers after you anytime we wish.” she saidto all of us. That silence us Minho managed to stumble out from under her, andregrouped with us, panting. Suddenly the man removed the hood who stood outfrom the fight.

Thomas recognized him, it was Gally.?The doors suddenly swings followed by soldiers with theletters of “W.C.K.D” branded across their uniforms swarming theroom.

With fear starting to creep into the minds of the Gladers and everyoneseems to be frozen, unable to move. “RUN!” Thomas shouted to thegroup, Thomas opened a door in the corner of the room and bolted out followedby the rest of the group. They all ran down the stairs and out another at thebottom of the building, Soldiers followed them the group hid in thekitchen.

 “We have to shake them off!” Minho said. “And howwould we do that” Teresa replied.  “I have explosives withme.” Newt said. The group stares at Newt, “What?” Newt said.Minho playfully punches him “You could have said that earlier, we couldhave blown that woman.”  Thomas stands “So what’s your planMinho?” Minho thinks for a moment “I say we set up those explosives,blow the whole damn place once and for all.” Minho said.

Everyone agrees.”So we know what to do, now tell us where exactlyshould we place those explosives.” Teresa said to the group leaningagainst a wall.

Before anyone can answer five soldiers entered the room, Gladersquickly crouched down avoiding detection. The soldiers now searching the room.Minho looks at Thomas signals to attack the soldiers. With two soldiers facingtheir backs to Thomas and Minho the other three soldiers moving closer to theothers Minho and Thomas exchanges looks to each other and nods. They lunged atthe two soldiers grabbing their guns and quickly shoots the two soldiers thethree other soldiers shoots back at the two, Minho and Thomas runs for cover.”NOW!” Teresa shouted. The Gladers swarms the soldiers Newt stabbedtwo soldiers while Teresa knees a soldier in the stomach making him fall, sherushes to grab the gun and shoots the soldier dead. ?The group exits the kitchen with their plan set in their mindsNewt hands the explosives to Thomas, “We have to set it up now before moresoldiers find us” Newt said breathing heavily.

“Look at those pillarswe blow those and the building will perish.” Theresa said. “Okay I’llset it up while you guys…”Thomas was interrupted by gunshots,”More soldiers on our tail” Newt said.

“You go on ahead I’ll setit up.” Thomas said “Are you crazy? They’ll get you or even killyou!” Teresa says to Thomas. “I can do this okay? Just trust me onthis, you go escape we’ll meet outside” Thomas replied. Teresa nods butthere is doubt in her expression. They through two swinging doors andlocked it up and heads to the exit, Thomas stops and sets up theexplosives to the pillar with time of essence Thomas works his way with theexplosive while there is banging in the doors. After moments of desperationThomas manages to set the explosives “Yes! Just need to hide it.

“Thomas whispers to himself.  He hid the explosives, He was heading towardsthe exit but was stop by a gunshot Thomas felt a sudden pain in his side, Hetouched it and sees blood. Thomas again runs his head is feeling he ranand ran he trips himself and crawls his Vision is fading and the last thing he sawwas a figure running towards him.