After compassionate leaders (“African dream”,2011). With series of corrupt

After several years in the United States of America,Patrick Awuah decided to come back to his home country in Ghana and start auniversity. The drive for this passion was the poor education system in Ghanawere students were learning by heart. Children were solving problems deductively;much time wasn’t invested in building their problem solving and criticalthinking skills.

Aside from that Patricksaw a new Africa, one with innovative, ethical compassionate leaders (“Africandream”,2011).With series of corrupt leaders and government systemswhich tap their immoral behavior to the whole country’s system, Ashesi seeks tobreak these systems. Ashesi has three fundamental principals that guide its dayto day activity from the administration all the way to students.

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The principalsare leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. It seems as there just somerandom words that were chosen to act as an obviousmotto that organizations have but their birth to honor code system in Ashesi,the reason why 47% of students in Ashesi are on scholarship and the reason whyboth students all over the globe work and learn together in harmony. If you ever get to meet an Ashesi alumni there is asense of honesty and integrity in them because they lived in the campuswith such an atmosphere for four or five years. Ashesi university campus is oneof the safest and most honest places to live in as there is no theft,discrimination even cheating. Students are mercilessly penalized for allimmoral behavior ranging from assault, sexual harassment to plagiarism andacademic dishonesty all this just to up hold the Ashesi culture, to helpstudents walk the Ashesi way.

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