Africa park is subject to a large number of

Africais the second largest continent of the world known for its large population andarea. It encompasses 54 sovereign states surrounded by world’s four largestseas including Mediterranean, Atlantic, Red sea and Indian ocean. In additionto these seas, Africa has the world’s longest river Nile that adds to itsglory.

It is a spot for endless adventures and is a place highly attractive fortourists and adventurous people from all over the world. Africa is known forits safaris and for inhabiting wild life. The most famous and fascinatingplaces for keeping such wild life includes Maasai Mara National park in Kenya;Kruger National Park in South Africa; and Hwangee National Park in Zimbabwe. 1.      MaasaiMara National Park-KenyaTheMaasai Mara National park is amongst the most popular and well-known parks inKenya.

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The park is subject to a large number of visits from all over the regiondue to its attractive, natural and spontaneous beauty. The park is known towitness the migration of almost 2.5 million animals from the neighbouring stateof Tanzaniato Kenya.

Furthermore, the park is considered to be the greatestsafari destination of the entire African continent and provides the state ofKenya with a significant economy booster. The most interesting animals of theworld are found here like big cats, rhinos, zebras, gazelles and elephants etc.2.

      KrugerNational Park-South AfricaTheKruger National Park is South-Africa’s prime recreational destination knownprimarily for its wilderness and large number of habitats. It is also the mostmodified park of South-Africa in terms of its services and there is higherdegree of maintenance as well, that makes it slightly more attractive thanother competitors. The other things that adds to its speciality is theavailability of Gas stations in such wilderness and availability of transportsystem. The most eye-catching things about this park for visitors are itshiking-trials and mountain biking tours.3.      HwangeNational Park-ZimbabweTheHwange National Park is the most popular and largest park of Zimbabwe and it islocated in the south-west part of it. The reason for its popularity is that itinhabits the world’s last great elephant.

Water is the largest problem of thisarea but its availability is ensured in this park for the sustenance of wildlife and that’s the reason it is way more attractive for tourists for being an oasisin such barren land.