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Adolf Hitler                                           Adolf Hitler was a politician who was the leader ofthe Nazi German party, he was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am inn,Austriaand died on April 30, 1945 in the German capital, Berlin.

Making Austria hiscountry of origin and his motherland, even though he stayed with no place tocall home for as much as 7 years during the post world war period Hitler was born the fifth of six children, in which he had many clasheswith his relatively harsh father, which happened to later shape his future, Adolf  Hitler was one of the deadliest leaders in the modern world history, he wasknown for his obvious hatred towards Jews as well as towards short people andany groups of people with disabilities and different ethnic groups andminorities, especially Jews, in which he killed over 6 million Jews in theinfamous holocaust ,”His attack on Poland in 1939 laid the first stone for  world war 2″( Adolf Hitler) WhileAdolf Hitler was a teenager he left Vienna and went to Munich to avoid to avoidmilitary service in may 1913, but he was later forced back in which he failedthe physical, he serviced in the first world war on the western front, interestinglyAdolf Hitler created his own version of the bible in which he named, The NaziBible. He apparently removed all Jewish words such as Hallujuah and Jovah fromthe new testament ;for record, Adolf Hitler generally spoke about  the ideas of Genghis Khan to his Generalswhile he was a soldier of how he led millions of men and women to create a Mongolstate and not him as a murderer or a tyrant, As Adolf Hitler had no collegedegree or proper education, he was forced to join the military, after returningfrom the first world war, he was assigned as an intelligence agent in Munich ,July 1919.

In which he was forced to spy on Nazi Germany while he was in theunified armed forces of Germany, Hitler avoided joining the Austro-Hungarianarmy, his excuse was the mix of races that was present in the army in thattime, so he joined the Bavarian army and was awarded the “Iron Cross” by hisJewish superior, for his contributions towards the war and loyalty to theBavarians, according to historians, All in all Nazi Germany “Invaded 11countries” ( Adolf Hitler), he is said to have invaded them inless than a year according to historians, which marks it as one of his greatestaccomplishments, Hitler’s ideology might not have been the greatest ever, buthe was surely not the smartest, as it is said that in his last days he was betrayedby his personal physician, Theodor Morell. Who was partially Jewish, he used tofollow Hitler almost everywhere and giving him mysterious treatments, Heassisted Adolf until his last days and the Battle of Berlin, speaking about hislast days, he witnessed the fall of the empire he once ruled, when the RussianRed army invaded the German capital, next, he committed suicide in order not tobe tortured by his worst enemies, other rumors has it that he was travelled toArgentina, which was known at that time of welcoming Nazi Immigrants, in whichhe stayed for the rest of his life, hiding from Jewish rebels who tracked downand killed Nazi leaders and generals, after world war II ended, in both cases,Adolf Hitler is probably dead but his legacy is still alive. Staff. “Adolf Hitler.

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