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Action Cancer is notcurrently recruiting new staff, and have not advertised any graduate levelpositions in the past year and a half. For this reason, I choose to look at themost recent job advert for the research and evaluation department and comparehow my skills aligned as I felt this would be most up-to-date and relevant tomy placement.

 I would meetthe first necessity listed as the degree I am studying has a major researchmethods component. The next requirement listed is having 2 years experience of workingin evaluation, research or needs assessment. My degree is situated in aresearch setting and this is an area I am interested in, however, I don’tactually have legitimate work experience in this area. If I wanted to pursuethis position I would have to go about closing this gap and get a job in thisarea firstly. In regards tothe third essential requirement, all the work I have done whilst studying hasbeen computer based in some way or another so my IT skills are high-quality. Ihave used a number of Microsoft programmes over the past number of years, includingword. I am also comfortable with SPSS as this programme is used often in mydegree.

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I am knowledgeable in a number of search engines, the internet beingthe most basic of these, thus using it as a research tool should cause noconcern. In regards to thefourth requirement, I have some experience in project management. When I was amentor at Dominican College I managed class charity events like the Barnardo’sChildren’s Toy Appeal. To raise money for these events I had to planfundraisers I could do with my class. If the fundraiser was a bake sale, forexample, I would have to organise which students would bring in baked goods,who would sell them, who would make posters to raise awareness etc. Thisinvolved setting deadlines/goals, making sure they were met, designating workto students based on their strengths etc.

However, I have never managed aproject in a professional setting so I may need to address this area further-perhaps I could do so by looking for placement experiences in project management.Excellentreport writing and presentation skills are also listed as essentialrequirements. I have written reports the past three years for my degree so Iwould say I am able to perform well in this area. I would also say mypresentation skills are quite good, I understand the importance ofpresentations and the ones I have previously given have been marked well. The nextessential requirement is the ability to work independently.

The vast majorityof work I complete for my degree is solo projects which require me to workalone and be self-reliant, so I would say I am used to working independently.The ability to work as part of a team is also listed as essential. All of myprevious jobs have required this skill, my current position at The Fortdemonstrates my ability to this. For everything to work smoothly at therestaurant everyone has to work together as a team, this means workingcohesively with other members of staff to ensure diners are seated on time,receive the correct orders etc. The last essentialrequirement would not be a concern for me; I have 10 GCSEs all A*-B (includingEnglish and Maths).

The firstdesirable characteristic listed is the ability to apply advanced statisticaltechniques. This is likely because the main expectation of the research and evaluationofficer is to observe and analyse existing services and programmes. The courseI am currently studying includes several statistics modules. This has given meexperience with a range of statistical techniques- basic and advanced. The next twodesirable conditions are things I don’t have much experience with.

I don’t havean official track record of successful project management or experience ofproject management, however, I do have examples of times I have displayed theseabilities in my previous positions. I do realise this is not exactly the sameas having an official track record of successful project management or jobexperience in project management, these are areas I would need to work on if Iwere to pursue a job like this in the future.The fourthdesirable trait was experience using both qualitative and quantitative researchtechniques.

Through my degree, I have had the opportunity to make use of bothtypes of research techniques and am aware of how to use the different kinds of analysisassociated with each. I have consistently used both research techniques overthe last few years in my degree so feel comfortable I would be able to use themin a work setting. In relation tothe last detail listed as desirable, I do have a full driving license.

I passedmy test a number of years ago and would describe myself as a confident driver.I do not own a car personally but I do have access to one and to other forms oftransportation so I would be able to meet the requirements of the post in thisregard.