Action & systems from “low Cost “but “good quality”

 Action Plan (for conducting value engineering)Ø  Review the conceptual design as indicated in the bidding stage.Ø  Review wastewater Quantification & Quality with minimum, averageand peak loads which would vary with enhancement  Ø  Contingency management during population and wastewater flow,quality surges during Conventions / ExposØ  Identify bottle-neck in treatment scheme with mitigation at minimumcost and maximum reliabilityØ  Identify energy use area and possible steps to optimize themØ  Review the costs taken by EPC bidder (thumb rule or based onpreliminary BOQ)Documents required (for Next Step) Ø  Purchase specifications (if any more in addition to those alreadyshared ) Ø  Incoming Waste water quality (bid document shared mentions minimum,whereas for design for MBR Maximum, Minimum and Minimum are needed ) it mayneed discussions with end user / consultant  (Comment : incoming Oil & Grease  of 5% seems incorrect ) Ø  Treated Water Quality (nothing mentioned on levels for Nitrates& Phosphates, but treatment mentioned that the system should be designed forCOD, BOD Phosphates removals) Possible areas of Savings Ø  Avoiding with large capacity wastewater Equalization tank of 4000 m3, whereas for STP the standard norm (Indian & international)is 30 minutesof peak flow Ø  Optimization of MBR Volume using realistic models Ø  Smart Purchasing of equipment & systems from “low Cost “but “goodquality”  vendors i.e. purchasing BoBBest Of Best Ø  Optimization of MBR (optimizing optimal membrane flux and type ofmembrane in tank out tank, Cross  Flow ,Co Current flow including sourcing the best membrane vendor Ø  Direct Purchase of High CAPEX items directly (Blowers, Membranes,Instrumentation etc.)  items avoidingtaxes and overhead costs Ø  Separating project phases –         Basic Design & Engineering: To One Party –         Civil Works : SeparateExecution Agency –         Procurement CapitalIntensive  Boughtouts:  Direct Purchase –         Technology Integration MEIWorks  : different Execution Agency whowill actually do the work