Achievements the kind of traveler who has what it


Recently, I have carried out a research and published two papers in International Research Journal of
Engineering and Technology (IRJET) in 2017 titled “Pedestrianisation of
Commercial Area- A Case Study of Lucknow City” and “From an Unplanned Origin to
a Planned Destination- City to Smart City”. Being a member of NosPLAN (National
Organization of Students of Planning), India I have also published my article
on “Smart cities” in Annual Magazine of National Event NosPLAN (2016). Followed
by, I Participated in the “Urban Thinkers Campus”
2016 organized by- Habitat for Humanity and “Indo-German Expo” by DWIH in
2017.Apart from that, being in school, I participated in International Olympiad
of English Language and secured a position of 5,251 and 1,519 Olympiad rank in
the year 2011 and 2012 respectively.
Additionally, for scoring above 80% and passing with a first class division in
ICSE 2011 I was awarded with a “Certificate
for Excellence” by Gyan Vihar
Nagarik Kalyan Samiti, a Knowledge Foundation Residential Welfare Society.

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Relevant Experiences

I am currently working as a Transport Planner at Delhi Integrated Multi
Modal Transit System (DIMTS) working on bus route rationalization project
making public transport accessible and efficient. Academically, I have always been a competitive
person applying the best of my talents and so have passed with a first class
division in my graduation. During the course, I was few
of the lucky ones to get internship in the country’s government institution
like Lucknow Development Authority in 2015 working on the Housing projects
under PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) for Group Housing which has honed my
communication skills. Followed by, in 2016 I worked in Dhrupad Consultants Pvt
Ltd. working on urban transportation projects and getting familiarized with
transport policies, survey methods, and models, ITS etc. 


Financial Need

Despite being not an easy field, transport
planning is a journey and it is to be enjoyed. And I am the kind of traveler
who has what it takes to go the whole nine yards. In a country where technical
education of girls is not actively encouraged, coming from a middle class
family my father singlehandedly funded my undergraduate studies and it would
definitely strain my family’s finance to sponsor my postgraduate studies. The
financial assistance from you will give me access to good quality education in
my chosen field of – Transport Planning and Intelligent Transport System (ITS).My
achievement will be a source of pride to my family. The fact that my parents
have endeavored through the hard times, I try my best to keep my grades up,
knowing that I have opportunities that my parents never had. I strongly
believe I would be a source of inspiration to many as I dared to dream, even
with limited financial resources and this is my salute to masses of women in
India who are neither encouraged nor supported in their endeavors. I am looking
forward to the challenges and to a varied and exciting career in the world of
Transport Planning.


I am applying for the Vice Chancellor’s
Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship offered by Newcastle University because it will
give me the financial and community support that I will need throughout my journey
in college. My goal is to become a successful Senior Transport Planner and
Advisor that can work on planning the sustainable transport systems and
policies. This scholarship will also provide me with the development seminars and
an active group of like-minded individuals with whom I can connect and network
with to make impactful change in the world around me.

In the era where cities and
countries are facing an unprecedented population growth due to which they are
tackling with serious transport related issue of traffic congestion, pollution,
road safety etc. I find Transport Planning and Intelligent Transport System
(ITS) the key solution for such concerns which in turn would help to achieve
the long term goal of  “Sustainable
Mobility “. Perceiving this as the need of the hour I would like to equip myself
with the relevant knowledge and skill. The university’s reputation
of producing promising students has inspired me to be a part of the alumina. The
university’s focus, past research and excellent initiatives in Transport
Planning has encouraged me for my choice to study at Russell Group University Newcastle
University. Transport Planning is one of the subjects that always interests me and
I want to build my career in the Transport Planning.


Most interesting is the
field visits and technical skills which the course M.Sc. Transport Planning and
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) provides through which it can be learned how
things actually work on ground. I strongly believe pursuing this master’s
degree would enhance my technical, managerial and communication skills. It will
help me acquire in depth competence of technical skills including transport assessments methodologies, transport modelling, contemporary
transport planning, integration of multi-modal system and integration of
transport with environment and economy. One of the best thing I will learn from
the course is engineering and modelling skills mixed with a bit of economics,
Landuse planning and strategic thinking. Strategic Planning approach based on
professional understanding and public participation is key aspect for being a
transport professional which the course aims to deliver.


Not only academically the
course would help me but also it will mould my personality by developing a
practical approach towards everything, improving my interpersonal skills and
broaden of thinking capacity. Getting specialized, I even expect myself to be
highly organized having seriousness towards the issues arising with innovative
problem solving solutions, being a positive, self-motivated and enthusiastic
professional boosting leadership and team player qualities  who keeps time management as a priority.

A Master’s degree in Transport Planning and
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) from Newcastle University will help me to
achieve my ambition of becoming a successful Senior Transport Planner and
Advisor later in life which is a long cherished goal and it would provide an
ideal platform for me to know about the Transport System in different parts of
the world.