According such as construction companies, developers, cleaning companies, swimming

According to the research iv gathered about villatourism in North Cyprus, it is fair to say that this sector will be veryefficient for North Cyprus’s economy both in present and the foreseeable future.The Tourism sector is the key for forthcoming generations for the people ofNorth Cyprus in order to earn money, to attract tourists to the Northern part ofCyprus from Europe, America and Eastern counties. The sun, sand and sea factorof the North Cyprus should be interpreted in the most efficient way possibleand help to improve the economy of the country and tourism. Villas areconsidered to be the most luxurious holidays for tourists, therefore its iscrucial to leave tourists with a positive experience during their holiday,before leaving Cyprus.

A positive experience results in continued numbers ofincreased tourism and visits to North Cyprus. Villa tourism is essential. In addition to that, other sectors such asconstruction companies, developers, cleaning companies, swimming pool cleaners,and airplane companies would benefit from villa tourism and tourism as a wholein a roundabout way. Therefore, in order to improve the tourism, villa tourismshould be improved and be used more frequently.

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Villa tourism can be beneficialnot only for foreign tourists; local tourists could use villas to spend theirvacations. Especially the ones coming from Nicosia, villas which could be hiredcould be a good option to spend their short or long period holidays (for ex, aweekend) next to the seaside or cliffs of the Besparmak Mountains.  As a conclusion North Cyprus relies on tourismsignificantly as main source of income, tourism brings income, increasesproductivity creates jobs which as a result leads to economic growth. Over thelast couple of years the villa tourism sector has grown and shown us the greatpotential of how accommodations beyond the typical hotel room can lead tosuccess for tourism as a whole. It is estimated that in the next couple ofyears villa tourism can compete and rival the hotel industry as the main sourceof income during the summer period. Either way this competition between the twosectors can only result as a great and successful potential factor for thegrowth of North Cyprus economy. For tourism and tourists, accommodation is themost important part of a holiday plan, therefore giving tourists thatopportunity to stay in spacious, large, airy and luxurious houses will behelpful to attract more and more tourists. As well as providing tourists withthe independence to enjoy their holiday as they wish, with no restrictionswhich may be the case should they have chosen to stay at hotels.

However comingto the business side of villa tourism, investors or individuals choosing toretire may purchase villas for retirement or business purposes. For the wealthyinvestors the case would be for them to purchase several quantities of villaswith the intention to rent them out to either local people or tourists In order to improve this sector in our country the wayof working and implementing villa tourism goals and strategies could befollowed and adapted by taking example of other popular locations, and howtheir tourism strategies work, such as the Caribbean or Southern Europe. Theirway of purchasing villas can be held up as an example. Originating from othercountries could be useful however the most eminent is to adapt the villatourism to our country and use it in the most effective way as possible.