According cannot characterize Arabs only by language or by

According to the video posted, Arabs areconsidered as the nearest neighbors to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. Whenwe say Arabs we do not mean only Muslims. There are also Christian and JewishArabs. In addition to that, we always relate “Hijab” to Arab women; however,there are Free Arab women who do not wear “Hijab”. Islam propagated in the ArabWorld (Persia, Byzantium, Damascus and Baghdad…. Etc.

). the video pointed alsoon Pilgrimage or “Hajj” gathers Arabs from many countries such as Saudi Arabia,Egypt, and Sudan etc.        Another definition to Arabs affirms thatthey are a group of people from countries that are different, which form the “ArabLeague” (Gelvin, 2015). As Gelvin said, we can see Arabs from perspective thatclaims that it is “a geographical expanses from West to East and From North toSouth” (Gelvin, 2015).

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Moreover, in order to distinguish Arabs there are someways as Gelvin said in “poetry, movies and Soap Opera” and also in “sharedlanguage” (Gelvin, 2015).      We cannot characterize Arabs only bylanguage or by culture as Rodinson said. As I said before according to a video,Rodinson assure what is said in the video. Not all the Arabs are Muslims, thereare also Jewish and Christian Arabs. In addition to that, muslims are devidedinto “Sunnis” and “Shi’is”(Rodinson, 1981). Rodinson is his definitionsays  that  “the variant of the Arabic Language, historyand cultural trait, degree of Arab Awareness” (Rodinson, 1981).       Berkey tackeled the “Pre-Islamic arabian,jahiliyyaa, or time of ignorance” period, which refers to Arabs before Islam. Asthe Islam discovered, The Koran was the Guide of Muslims.

“In some ways it wasa very different world than that of Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, and Iran, inwhich Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and a residualpaganism contested for followers and for authority” (Berkey, 2002). From a politicalview or Berkey arabs were defending their “nobility which means “charaf” in Arabic.It was one of the things that should be respected by everyone because it meansa red line to Arabs. “The dominant religious traditions of pre-Islamic Arabiaremained polytheistic, but little can in fact be known with certainty aboutthem.” (Berkey, 2002).

“Arabs of the peninsula” and “the Near East “have manycommon points and mainly religion. (Berkey, 2002). Berkey gave an example of “theGhassanid kingdom”since they hedged the Roman and The Arabian countries.

(Berkey,2002)         In my point of view, the history of Arabs or the definition of Arabscannot be complete if we tackle only Muslims or only white people. Because theArab World gathers people from different races, and different religions. Islamplays a big role in the Arab world since the majority of Arabs are Muslims.

However, the other religions also exists in the Arab world. All The religions areall united to form the Arab Unity. There was a stress between Arabs and Othersespecially Romans, but this did not affect neither the Arab World nor theArabs.         All in all, Gelvin, Rodinson, and Berkey defined Arabs from differentperspective and with different methods.

This assures that the Arab World is awide world that needs a deep study from numerous perspectives and sides, sothat a complete definition can be formed.