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According to Kristen Lewis, injuries thatare occurring in cheerleading are happening more frequently due to the factthat there are many cheerleaders today (Lewis 6). Participation in the sport ofcheerleading can lead to injuries ranging from sprains to traumatic head injuries.Lewis states “Today, cheerleading accounts for 65 percent of all catastrophicinjuries among girl athletes in high school” (Lewis 7). Jeanna Bryner explains that most injuriesthat occur in cheerleading are not serious injuries. Sprains to the ankles andknees happen frequently and do not require much time away from the sport toheal (Bryner 8).

Angela Bagnulo also states that the injuries that occur the mostfrequently in cheerleading are sprains and strains (294). Bagnulo explains thatcheerleaders who perform professionally are more likely to have injuries totheir hamstrings due to the fact that they do more skilled dancing and tumbling(Bagnulo 296). Bagnulo discusses that the severity of injuries depends on the differentage levels. She explains that All Star cheerleaders who compete year round and donot participate in cheerleading at other sport functions tend to have moresevere injuries due to the fact that they spend a great deal of their timepracticing which gives them more time to be injured (Bagnulo 294).