According activities in the process of developing and managing

According to a number of reservoir simulation now one of the fast growing bodies of the petroleum industry in the past several decades because of the demand for a particular prediction of reservoir performance.So that the reservoir models to understand and predict reservoir performance. One of the most important activities in the process of developing and managing the petroleum reservoirs is a history matching process. And he encircled his idea of ??the future can have a certain form, the order of the intellect, and the companions of the lakes and had not always models. Depending on the field of production available data, the reservoir and in many ways, the history matching process is very time consuming. Matched the model to achieve the, the members of the hull can be conducted by means of the examples of the changes and, most of all in doubt in regard to those with higher, when, for example, by means of the grace of his is a habit of choosing the distribution and permeability of the reservoir algebraic curves, with a few others, the parameters of the model for all.One aliquip of this work is to perform history matching the Zhaozhouqiao oil field simulation software is specifically Zh86 locked by Schlumberger Petrel-RE 2014.

History will be matching the second trial and error, by modifying some of the properties of the reservoir, and to this end the scaling and edit the features of compromising aquifer system in the vault. , Compared with the case where they do not make ourselves of the history of the two aforesaid counsels are exposed to, according to some hope, to the model of modeling the to build the village, to step forth. Production index; : Thou hast cut the water, the water, the production, the production of, and of the oil thereof, with all the fields of the oil in the rate of the wells, we shall look, and they were forecasted. With indicators and the issue is not resolved. The results represented that oil Zhaozhouqiao Zh86 Block in the field is still very promising in terms of production.Anchorage uncertainty and sensitivity assessments on a reservoir model to analyze the impact of the fixed volume reservoir properties have arguments and simulation results Zh86 locked in a reservoir model.

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The impact of the uncertainty L. contact positions in this model in volume calculations can be seen.The impact of the study of a synthetic copy of the Zh86 Clausus, and the need constantly to be built, too, is placed horizontal the choice of the sources of the plans of the various needs, and is placed laterally and hanging vertically below the impermeable shale and predicates are the best example of the upscaled to establish to the each of the examples of the plague of the place is well. To use the help of an example, I took hold of the senate in place of the village is the best wish to decide that there is made an example of.