ABSTRACTFor the purpose of their advent was to communicate

   ABSTRACTFor centuries prophet continued to come in every nation the purpose of their advent was  to communicate the truth to such an extent before there adresses that they are left with no excusses to reject it and the concept of the finality of prophethood (KHATM AL NUBUWWA )The believe that MUHMMAD ( ALLAH BLESSING UPON HIM )  is the last of GODS prophet sent to humanity ISLAM is the final and perfect religion all that man kind will require untill the day of judgement through out the countries muslim scholars suported the fundamental doctrine of of the finality of prophethood one claims in Islam to a prophet (in any capacity) are recognize such claimet as a prophet are religious reformer is not a muslim but he is (kaffir)   INTRDUCTION         The word khatam means a seal and also the last part or portion of a thing, the latter being the primary significance of the word khatam .When the word khatam is adjunct (mudaf)to a people it always means last.The meaning of khatam al-qaum is the last of people (akhiruhum and nothing else).Thus the real meaning of khatam al-Nabiyyin.can only be the last of the prophets thoughts in the adoption of the word khatam there is subtle hint he has set a seal on the prophets.But the conclussion that setting a seal is on a prophets means that a new prophet in future would be made by is seal is a thought is absolutly devoide of meaning.

If,however we adopt this meaning of the holy prophet Muhammad`s being a seal on the prophets or the the prophet that is about guiding and perfacting human nature,would in future be accomplised by him.In other words only his disiplaceship would help one two another.The Quran on finality of prophethood.From the Quran it appears that all the prophets raised before the Holy Prophet were sent to particular nations and their message was, therefore, only for the people for whose regeneration they were raised. In no case was the message of a prophet meant for the whole world, and it was also therefore not meant to abide for ever in the world.

The needs of different people in the infancy of mankind required particular directions for their use and it was never meant that all those directions should ever continue to guide humanity. Hence also it was that every prophets book suffered more or less corruption. But with the advent of our Holy Prophet, we observe a great change brought about in the work of prophethood. The day of the national prophets was over, and with the advent of Muhammad had dawned the era of the worldprophet.

He was commanded to make the proclamation:   “O people! I am an apostle of God to you all.” (7:158)His message was for the whole world, i.e., for all countries and all ages. He was the prophet of the Arabs and the non-Arabs, the prophet of his own time and the prophet of the future. His message was therefore neither limited by considerations of place nor by those of time.

He was to be the one prophet of the world, the Prophet indeed. And the great purpose to be served was the unity of the whole human race. National prejudices were to be for ever swept off, and hence was laid the basis of a brotherhood which had humanity for its watch-word. The message given was of such a comprehensive nature that it could satisfy the needs of all nations and all ages, and therefore no need was left for a new message. And if there was to be no new message, neither could there be a new messenger. The previous books had suffered corruption and therefore also new messages were needed in spite of them, but the Holy Quran was not to suffer corruption.

Hence the Quran was the one Message for all nations and all ages, and Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of God be upon him, the one Messenger of the whole world to the day of judgment.            All that has been stated above is clearly stated in the Holy Quran. A study of all the sacred books of the world leads us to the conclusion that no book claims to have been revealed for the guidance of the whole hum